nova fashion frame


nova fashion frame is a fashion-forward design that combines high quality materials and techniques with aesthetic elegance that was first developed by Pierre Cardin in the mid 1960s. At nova we believe we’re bringing a new way to create contemporary, comfortable and fashionable styles for men, women and children. In addition to our new collections, we are excited to introduce several retired pieces from the collections at The Noova Museum of Fashion from the 1960s.

We’re all familiar with the idea that if you have a stylish look, then you should wear it. But what if you really can’t afford to wear your favorite glasses because they are too expensive, and you wanted to look different? Well no need, there’s a new way of being eye-catching. We’ve got the right solution for everyone! With the nova fashion frame, you can dress up like a professional fashion blogger or an aspiring model. The frames were crafted from two layers of high-quality grade carbon fiber materials, producing the thinnest and best result of any modern fashion frame.


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