Patch It Up: A Guide to Australia’s Pimple Care

Pimple Care

One of the everyday struggles young adolescents share in the world, specifically Australia, is acne. It is experienced by 85% from the age group of 15 to 24. As a result, teenagers resort to different solutions, such as using a pimple patch, creams, pills and seeking consultation from dermatologists. Fortunately, a group of experts has formulated a practical and skin-loving pimple patch that Australia loves, referring to it as the best of its type.

What leads to having acne?

The primary cause of acne is puberty. The skin’s oil glands become clogged due to the increase of hormones. It leads to the oil gland producing more oil which causes small bumps that are often referred to as pimples. An Australian skincare company provides these simple products depending on the skin’s condition to control the worsening of spots. 

The jumpstart of a new solution

Tea tree oil is one of Australia’s treasures from the Australian paperbark tree. Several medical experts verify its effectiveness over acne concerns which broaden its use besides therapeutic purposes. After discovering its anti-bacterial properties, multiple companies integrated it into different products that changed how individuals treated acne: a pimple patch. 

Pimple patch

Dermatologists frequently stress the importance of keeping your hands away from your face, especially when a pimple is present or starting to develop. Bacteria from the fingertips can easily infect these areas and possibly take a long time to treat. Pimple patches for surface and deep acne can help people deal with this situation.

Hydrocolloid patch

Although it isn’t a long-term solution, it effectively treats forming pimples overnight, preventing them from becoming severe. It starts with the fluid absorbing hydrocolloid patch that may cause infection from the small bump, such as whiteheads. Then, the incorporated tea tree oil and salicylic acid quicken the process. 

These chemicals are cleaning agents that remove unwanted dirt from your pores. Afterwards, the skin is renewed through vitamin C and niacinamide. Finally, the skin is soothed so that redness and cell damage are reduced, resulting in brighter and healthier skin.  

Micro dart patch

Deep and unreachable zits are observed as red bumps that can be irritating. Luckily, pimple patches of this kind are produced, designed to have microscopic spikes in the patch with ingredients different from hydrocolloid ones. 

The salicylic acid exfoliates the pores deep inside it, while the niacinamide takes effect outside the pores. The niacinamide makes sure that the inflamed area levels with the skin and decreases its swelling. 

Additionally, a peptide called Oligopeptide-76 reduces the size of the pore from getting even bigger and from spreading. These ingredients can cause dryness on the skin. With that, hyaluronic acid is mixed with the other three components to ensure moisturised skin. 

Hyperfade patch

So, what follows after removing growing pimples on the skin? First, clean the marks that were left behind. Like the micro dart patch’s model, its role is to whiten dark areas. 

Arbutin and licorice root extract are involved with the biological process of melanin production, which causes pigmentation on the skin by blocking the enzymes that influence it. 

Meanwhile, TXA and Kojic acid work together to hinder melanin production by brightening dark spots, resulting in an even skin tone. Then, to emphasise removing uneven areas, the skin is moisturised and controlled redness through niacinamide, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. 
With the knowledge of acne treatment through the simple use of a pimple patch, Australia establishes its well-trusted skincare company, equipping its varying kinds and supplements for brighter, cleaner, and healthier skin with just one patch.


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