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Patternmaking is a science of design, which is a process of combining three or more components into a given design. Patternmaking is about finding the wisest, most intricate, and best possible combinations for clothing and accessories. Patternmaking started in 2006 and has received the attention of designers and manufacturers who utilize it to create unique pieces from the ground up. It requires a lot of work and go-to-market research to develop a design, but we all get great inspiration when we look at patterns, images, or even just a basic construction.

The world of fashion has greatly changed in the past 20 years although many people still adhere to vintage, classic and fashions. In today’s world, people are more conscious about fashion than ever before. Fashion designers are relying more and more on technology to create their clothing. And what better way to do that than with a computer? According to Trend360, 50% of the clothes sold by e-commerce companies over the last seven years were manufactured using computer software. I’m glad you asked about this because yes, it’s true! Fancy woolly caps and fussy clothes are all thanks to computer-aided patternmaking by fashion designers versus traditional hand sewn designs.

Nowadays, we have the all-knowing Internet, but when it comes to fashion, all those ‘wish lists’ and ‘customer feedback’ are often only a dream. I have a fancy new patternmaking program that helps you create smart patterns. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow! This is so cool!” But can you imagine how much more sophisticated your designs would be if you put the right information together? You could even design three dimensional pieces with it! Anything from a skirt to a jacket to a shirt could be patterned out representing any shape or size in your mind’s eye. You could even find patterns that represent your iconography.

Patternmaking is a design process where designers create a series of habits or patterns that determine how they approach various creative challenges in their work. With this theory behind fashion design, you can now begin to see the power and value that patternmaking has on the enterprise. Patternmaking has a lot to do with the fabric itself, and that’s why it’s such an important part of fashion design for some companies. It’s been something that I’ve been interested in for quite a few years now, and it feels really cool at times to be able to touch upon what I’m working with and what I’m trying to achieve.

What if you could make any type of clothing in a particular style. Think about it. It’s a fact, people are wearing more clothes now than ever before. But did you know that there are companies that can make the clothing you want to wear in a specific style? Yet another trend is making it easier to create your own fashion pieces from your own mind. Patternmaking for fashion design takes you beyond the typical patternmaking we’ve been doing for years, where you’re bound to find patterns on every piece of clothing.

You can save money on your favourite designer clothes, but what if you also save time? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to crochet two different styles of cotton/polyester clothing using a heated fabric joining stitch. Which one is better?.

Patternmaking is the world’s first automatic 3D bookshelf design system. The “simple” aspect of this system is that you can create beautiful, original designs in just minutes through pattern-numbering and numerical programming. Patternmaking is built on an open source platform which lets anyone can contribute to give the system better functionality and reduce the overhead of manual design.

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In our online world, patterns are becoming less relevant. The idea that a pattern is something to be flaunted and incorporated into an outfit is becoming a thing of the past. But not all fashion designers want that. Now they want to weave their own fabric and decorate it with their favorite fashion trends. Patternmaking allows them to combine two or more patterns at the same time, create new designs, as well as simply look amazing, giving you a better understanding of the wearer’s style and personality.

Patternmaking is a process of character development through skillful design. Patternmaking also involves the creation of clothing, jewelry and accessories. One of my favorite patterns that I have created is the Petite Royal Caddy. I have also made several garments for myself and others based on this motif.


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