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It is a blessing to see a child grow right in front of you and cross one milestone after the other. You have seen your baby take his first step, utter his first word and so much more. As he grows older, he will most definitely cross more milestones. This article will specifically discuss physical and cognitive growth of 7 years old. 

Physical Development: As a parent, you always want your kid to be bigger and stronger. To maintain healthy growth, make sure you are providing him with enough nutrients. Consult a dietician to get a list of food that you should give your child to maintain a proper weight. It is vital to avoid too much sugary substance in diet. Little kids can get addicted to the sugar rush of cola and colored-syrups, making them obese. Do not purchase any random local health drinks without consulting the doctors first.

  • Children generally gain 3 kg per year at the age of 7. They would also about 3 inches or so every year. 
  • They will continue losing the baby-teeth which will be replaced with new permanent teeth. 

Cognitive Development: By the age of 7, you will notice some drastic cognitive development in your child. He will seem to be more sensitive to other’s emotions and feelings. You must treat them with respect and value their opinions. At this age, they learn to mirror the adult’s behaviors, so it is crucial to set an example for them to follow. 

  • The kids will have a sense of time, day, month and year. He will discover elements of time in class. Provide him with leveled books that will help him learn new topics better. The books are designed to complement a child’s cognitive skills, enhancing his sense of perception. 
  • It is also a sweet time when a child first learns to bond with other children and develop a friendship. As they are now able to reciprocate other’s emotions, they can enjoy a bond with peers, playing in larger groups. 
  • The kids learn to draw with pencil and color them accordingly. They can now write their names and form full sentences. They can solve simple math problems and memorize paragraphs.
  • They also learn to use their muscles and enjoy activities, such as swimming, running, climbing and more. They also gain the ability to use safety scissors effectively. 

As a parenting rule, it is to be remembered that you must always treat a young child with love and kindness. Some kids might be slow to progress in their cognitive skills compared to others of his age; there is nothing to be alarmed about situations like these. If you want an expert opinion on your child well-being, consult a dietician and a general physician to know more. You may put your child in a dance class, or an art class to boost his cognitive skills. These group activities will help him learn co-ordination and movements, and provide him with an opportunity to bond with his peers.


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