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Protecting yourself while at work is a priority you need to revisit every now and again. Though some gear lasts a long while, a day will come when you need to invest in something new. When you’re looking for safety glasses, it is best to focus on options that meet or exceed the requirements of the American National Standards Institute. By looking at the top-rated ANSI glasses, you can make your search a lot easier. Take a look at these popular eyewear models for 2021 and discover glasses that keep you safe while also meeting your own personal criteria. Speak with Lenscrafter Calgary in order to get the right prescription for you!

Ridge CF SM

For plenty of people, price is a major factor in determining what gear is purchased. To kick off this list, the Ridge CF SM can offer exceptional protection at a reasonable price. Though less expensive than some of the other top options, the Ridge CF SM doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality. The frames are both durable and comfortable, making the glasses easy to wear for long durations of time. Beyond this, the shatterproof polycarbonate lenses have been tested by ANSI to guarantee your protection while on the job.

WileyX Valor

In the past, safety glasses didn’t offer much in terms of looks. A majority of options had a uniform appearance, putting protection over style. As technology has improved, brands have found a number of ways to boost aesthetics. WileyX has been a top name in the world of protective eyewear for years and is one of the brands pioneering new frontiers with style. The Valor is a perfect example of this, perfectly combining a slick design with enhanced safety features for high-risk environments.

The WileyX valor is also a great option for outdoor activities and athletics. Designed to block UV rays, the lenses have also been approved by ANSI and will not shatter due to a sudden impact while you’re on the field.

OnGuard 225S

Another option to consider when it comes to stylish prescription safety glasses is the OnGuard 225S. The two-tone design gives this protective eyewear a simple and cool appearance. More importantly, however, the OnGuard 225S has been designed to meet ANSI standards and deliver ample protection. If you work a job that requires you wear your glasses for long hours at a time, this is a great fit for you. The OnGuard 225S has been crafted to be lightweight, so you’ll barely notice them as you move through your routine.

Bolle Home Run

Athletes need to take safety into consideration before hitting the field. An intense game can easily lead to spills or collisions. If you’re looking for some added protection while playing your favorite sport, the Bolle Home Run is a great option to explore. These glasses have been designed with a shock-absorption system that reduces the impact of a surprise blow. The glasses have been approved by ANSI and boast a modern, sporty design. If you’re in search of eyewear that provides enhanced protection and a unique look, this is the pair for you.

3M ZT200

One of the most popular brands in the world of safety eyewear is 3M. For years, this company has churned out glasses that provide protection from an array of potential threats. The 3M ZT200 is no exception to this legacy, featuring cutting-edge tech meant to improve the experience on several fronts. The titanium frames are lightweight and durable enough to withstand a variety of surprises.

The brand also offers several customization options for the lenses, allowing you to create glasses that suit your needs perfectly. Anti-fog applications allow you to see clearly in a variety of hazy conditions, while tinted coatings can boost your field of vision outdoors. Explore the various lens options and get a better feel for what’s available to you.

Making the Final Decision 

Whether you opt for the Bolle Home Run, WileyX Valor, or another top name in the world of safety gear, it can be useful to think about what you need from your eyewear. The demands of your life are unique to you and your glasses should reflect this fact. If comfort matters to you more than style, focus your search around glasses that fit the criteria. By paying attention to what you need most out of your protective eyewear, you can increase the odds that you’ll be satisfied with the final results.

When the time comes to grab some new glasses, you can’t go wrong by looking at the top brands in the industry. Find a variety of ANSI-approved prescription safety glasses by exploring the selection available at Safety Gear Pro. In no time, you’ll be ready to invest in eyewear that will keep you feeling safe and sound.


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