Quarantine Cooking? Here’s How to Organize Your Digital Recipes

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How many times have you written a recipe on a slip of paper or cut it out from a magazine, only to lose it when you are ready to make it? Organizing recipes may not always be your top priority, that is even when we had our smartphones, tablets, and computers to save us from this paper mess. As it turns out, your digital recipes can be as cluttered as they are when printed. 

Taking the time to sort them can make the cooking process more fun and less time-consuming. It will be even more so if you put them together in a single PDF file, which you can easily print when you have to. This much is true when we’re spending most of our time at home during the quarantine period and re-discovering the things we used to love doing. 

Saving Recipes As A PDF File 

If you want to build a digital recipe library, we suggest saving your recipes as a PDF file to keep a printable version. You can either save them individually or as a single file by editing and organizing them with online PDF editing tools like PDFBear. 

Below are some ways to store both printed and digital recipes as PDFs. 

• Save them directly as a PDF. When you click on most online recipes today, you will see a Save as PDF button directly below the title. 

• Screenshot recipes and save them as a PDF file. 

• Scan printed recipes and save the scanned images as PDF. 

Wondering how to permanently rotate PDF files? Aside from editing, PDFBear also lets you rotate PDF files with its easy-to-use display. You have the option to rotate all pages of a document or just the page you want to edit this way. This is particularly useful if you are rearranging your recipes and there are some files that you scanned upside-down or sideways. 

PDFBear offers the highest level of customization for your specific needs—edit PDF, number pages, add watermark, e-sign PDF, etc. 

How to Organize Your Digital Recipes 

It takes time to organize and convert your recipes into digital. But, in the long run, it will take less time to find what you need at the time you need it. Among other advantages of opting for digital recipes include the following: 

• Avoid keeping a bulky set of binders full of recipes in your kitchen. 

• Find all your recipes that use the same ingredients. 

• Conveniently pull a recipe up on your device whenever you need it. 

• Modify, update your recipes and add notes whenever necessary. 

• Share your recipes with your friends online. 

• Keep your recipes from wearing out like printed ones. 

• No more smudges on your paper recipes. 

• Print the recipe if you want to. 

In terms of organizing recipes digitally, you have at least three options: store them locally on your computer or in a cloud storage service, use a recipe-management app (Paprika, BigOven, Yummly, Pepperplate, etc.), or use Evernote or other note-taking, organizing, and management tools. 

Regardless of where or how you would save your recipes, below are some further tips to keep them organized. 

  1.  Sort the recipes into categories. Some examples include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, or 

something more specific like meat, vegetables, soup, salad, drinks, etc. 

  1. Pull out recipes you want to try in the next few days. 
  2. Declutter your recipes regularly by removing the ones that you will never try or tried but did not like. 

Going digital makes it easy for you to manage recipes, plan meals, and keep track of your grocery list. 

This is also useful if you are looking for a recipe that uses ingredients already in your pantry. In Evernote and Dropbox, for instance, both PDF files and photographs that contain typed and handwritten texts are searchable. So, if you search for flour, all the recipes with that word will appear—that alone is quite a convincing reason to digitize your recipes and let go of the printed ones. 


The only stressful thing in cooking should be when your skillet catches fire. 

Now that your recipes are digital, you can not only access them easily, but you can use and share them instantly, too. The beauty of saving them as a PDF file is that you can conveniently print them out as well whenever. 

No matter what you need or how many recipes you have to organize, these tips will make sure that there will never be a time that cooking will frustrate you again. Get rid of the clutter, it is time to get organized and get healthy with home-cooked meals. 

Go digitize your recipes and have access to them on the go. Once you have mastered the secret to organizing your recipes, be sure to share it with us in the comment section below! 

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