Reclaiming the Lost Fine Art of Sending Paper Greeting Cards

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Radhe Gupta
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Back in the day, everyone used to anticipate receiving holiday cards, birthday cards, or other simple greeting cards from the postman. However, with the advent of the internet, people have become more accustomed to sending e-greeting cards via mail or chatbox. Though these digital cards are just as thoughtful, nothing can beat a real-life greeting card that you receive via snail mail as it evokes more senses. Touch is a very important component in creating connections with the people we love. Instead of sending digital cards, you must take on the challenge to reclaim the lost find art of sending paper greeting cards. Peruse stationery supplies online or instore, to find the best card stock and pens to keep you inspired. Here’s why sending paper greeting cards work better than the digital version:

Guarantees No Viruses or Deletion of the Card

Unfortunately, e-card these days are known as virus carriers. For this reason, most email servers, especially the company ones where a person works, filters these cards. What you send may not even reach the inbox of your intended recipient. Besides, let’s be honest here, how many times have you really read an “e-card” in detail? At times, you may even be guilty of deleting it without opening the email. In contrast, it is truly impossible to delete a real greeting card. As the recipients are thrilled to receive this novel card, they shall be equally excited to open it. If you want to make an excellent and lasting impression, begin a card-sending tradition. 

Shows That a Lot of Effort Was Exerted

When you send a real greeting card via post, it shows that the person means a lot to you. After all, you went through a lot of effort to select the paper for your favourite stationery supplies stores. The ink of your favourite fountain pen shows every stroke of your penmanship. What could be more thoughtful than this? In this day and age where personal, human interaction is minimized because of technology, sending old school greeting cards truly touch the heart. It shows you went the extra mile for the recipient since you even went out of your way to send the card via post. Besides, people find it thrilling to receive touching materials from their loved ones in this digital world. 

Reinforces Connections and Relationships

It is true that sending e-greeting cards is very convenient. In fact, so many other people are doing, even business. Today, if anyone wants to show their appreciation or say hello, they just send an ecard. However, if you truly want to reinforce your relationship with anyone and make an impact, think outside the box. Send traditional paper greeting cards written using your favourite fountain pen. This will demonstrate that you place a lot of value in the relationship as you are willing to do something unique for the one who shall receive the card. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way in showing how much you value the person. And remember, deeper connections build stronger relationships. Fortunately, paper stands above any digital material in this aspect. Why? Because paper is tangible and creates a bigger impact. It evokes a deeper emotional footprint than any digital material. After all, nothing can ever compensate for the human touch. 


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