What Returning to the Office Means for the Redesigning the 6 Monitor Setup for Day Trading Industry

Monitor Setupa

If you’re a day trader, you know that you need to be able to rely on your equipment. That’s because you’re making decisions quickly on potentially large amounts of money. When it comes to a 6 monitor setup though, you want to start with the right computer. Check out Trading Computers to give you an idea of the best in the market with all the right specifications for as many monitors as you want. You can easily submit your name, email address to receive updates on new products. 

What you Need from your 6 Monitor Setup for Day Trading 

Whether you decide to go for two, three, or 6 monitors is, of course, a personal choice. Regardless, make sure you have the right equipment to maximize your trading experience, as detailed below: 

  • Top resolution
  • Efficient graphics cards
  • Sufficient power and speed

Top resolution

One of the easiest things to redesign is your monitors. That’s because they’re relatively affordable and easy to change, assuming you have the right computer. More on that shortly. 

When it comes to resolution, most people use TN LCD panels. That’s because they’re at the lower end of the budget whilst offering perfectly good resolution. You’ll also need to consider screen size though. The best resolution for screen size is usually 1920 x 1080 on a 23-inch screen.

As a day trader, you’ll also care about the refresh rate which is at around 75Hz for a 23 or 24-inch screen. Then again, you might opt for a larger screen that has even faster refresh rates. Essentially, some day traders make decisions in minutes or even seconds. You could therefore lose money if your graphs are lagging because your monitors can’t keep up with the changes in markets. 

Efficient graphics cards

As you review your current 6 monitor setup, you’ll want to check your integrated graphics card and its specification. This video card is what creates all the charts and graphs you need to monitor to make trading decisions. 

Some traders even go so far as buying an external graphics card to get the perfect setup. Either way, look for top brands such as Radeon and NVIDIA with a 4GB or 6GB specification, or more if you can afford it. 

Sufficient power and speed

As mentioned, everything revolves around having the right computer for your 6 monitor setup. This means having at least 16GB RAM, or even 32GB, as well as a good processor such as Intel or AMD. Then, look for a CPU of at least 2.6GHz or higher, such as 3.8GHz, if you have the budget. 

Getting the Most from your 6 Monitor Setup 

Once you have the right equipment for your multi-monitor setup, you’ll want to make it work for you with these useful tips, regardless of whether you run with Mac or Windows 10: 

  • Optimize your layout 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Power supply unit 
  • Settings and shortcuts 

Optimize your layout 

As a day trader, you want to spread your charts and graphs out in the perfect workflow across your multi-monitor setup. Each monitor can usually fit 4 charts so think about your workflow to best arrange your various charts. Don’t forget that you’ll also want to monitor news sources on your display outputs whilst also keeping your trading platforms and communication tools within easy access. 


Day traders tend to sit in front of their multi-monitor setup all day. This can be back-breaking work so give yourself plenty of breaks in between traders. It’s important to also review your chair and desk and see if you need to improve the ergonomics. Whatever you do, don’t strain your neck and shoulders, or even your eyes, when working with your 6 monitors. 

Power supply unit 

These days, most computers come with an integrated power supply. Either way, it’s worth noting in case you opt for a laptop. There’s nothing worse than your laptop suddenly dying and all your monitors going blank just when you’re about to make a vital trading decision. There are different ways you can deal with this though by either putting on an alarm on your computer or having a backup power supply. For the latter case, it’s worth noting that you should first check your DisplayPort outputs so that you get the right cables. Most ports come in HDMI, VGA, DVI, or USB format.

Settings and shortcuts

It can take a bit of patience to get used to working with multiple monitor setups. This is partly due to the fact that the cursor tends to disappear. Moreover, it can be frustrating when you have different types of monitors that just can’t seem to align their displays properly. Therefore, make sure you optimize all your Display Settings, including Scale and Layout options. 

Monitor Setup
Monitor Setup

Parting Words for Day Trading with a 6 Monitor Setup 

Everyone is different in how they work, including day traders. The above tips will help you to check you have the best equipment and that you’re maximizing it for your needs. Often, it’s worth reviewing your 6 monitor setup on a regular basis and keeping evolving it so that you can stay on top of your trading game. 


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