Role of pumping systems in daily life

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Pumping systems are one of the most unnoticed but essential systems that everyone relies on every day. Even unknowingly, the plumbing systems play a vital role in daily life. In Australia, freshwater is transported to cities like Sydney from thousands of kilometres away. Due to the fast growth of Australian cities and the shrinking of rivers, the water pumping stations play an unavoidable role in Australia’s water supply chain. Even ordinary household needs like pool servicing require that a pumping system is in place. Not only in city life but Australian agriculture and mining industries highly depend on well equipped pumping systems. Some of the most significant roles of the pumping system in daily life are,


Australia is one of the biggest producers of agricultural products, and it exports these products to many nations. Agriculture and related industries produce a notable 12 percent of the total GDP of Australia and earn about 155 billion dollars a year. Regardless of the type of agriculture, water supply is the most crucial factor for successful cultivation. There are different types of pumping systems available in Australia to be compatible with various agricultural needs. 

Selection of pumping systems for agriculture according to the type of reservoir:

The pumps and their subsystems should be selected after considering the kind of water reservoir available. In the case of large ponds and lake reservoirs, centrifugal type pumps are the most suitable ones. In the case of wells, the vertical turbine pumps are fit for water supply. If the well goes too deep, then the person should go for a submersible pumping solution. If the requirement for water is high and the chance of sand particles is present, then the best option is to use a propeller-type pump. These are efficient at a high flow rate and are generally portable.


It is not always the scarcity of the water that becomes problematic but the excess water too. In many industries, water can become a problem and hazardous to the working environment. This problem is notable in the mining industry. To avoid the problem, industry experts suggest the use of well-equipped pumping systems. And it is a crucial factor in safety guidelines for mining in Australia. Not only in mining, but dewatering can be a must in some daily life issues also. In pool servicingdewatering is essential, and it is best to install a permanent water pumping system for this purpose. Dewatering is also helpful in clearing the boreholes. Fish tanks require occasional dewatering to eliminate the chance of chemical development. In this case, installing a pumping system with necessary sensors and controllers can also avoid possible difficulties.

Water treatment

Water treatment is an unavoidable part of contemporary lifestyle. The freshwater requirement of the fast-growing cities and management of wastewater from these is one of the biggest challenges in the current scenario. Water treatment is mainly of two types:

  • Drinking water treatment: Drinking water is one of the basic necessities for a living organism. Australian cities are urbanising at a phenomenal rate such that the water supply system needs to provide a large amount of fresh water for daily water needs. But the drinking water must be chemically treated to make it safe. This process of filtering and chlorination happens in several pumping stations. This process is backed by various pumping systems.
  • Wastewater treatment: The wastewater from different sources is a great threat to freshwater bodies and lifeforms. The wastewater from industries and manufacturing companies can contain a large number of harmful chemicals. So, they cannot be released into the water streams directly. The Australian government has issued many directions in wastewater treatment, and the companies use different pumping systems to achieve this.


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