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In fact, there’s so much to say about this beautiful city that I couldn’t even begin to describe it all in a single post. So I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Not that its the perfect city for its size but it has a lot of great places to shop, hang out, and go to concerts, so thats good.

As with most of the other photos in this post, its a bit of a blur, but I was in a pretty good mood when I took it. I had a good time.

I don’t think that you can get away with just sitting in a dark room. You can take a photo of the place that you love, and get to know that person. It’s not a bad thing to do. The photos themselves are great. The person that you love is going to be a real star in your life. You can’t blame him for not wanting to see his favorite place.

The problem is when you start out in the blog world it seems that you have to put up with the people who are there for everyone else. They are annoying, but they are not a total pain. This post is about someone who is much more of an “everybody’s a pain and needs to go away” type of person. That said, we all do have our moments, so let’s all forgive him.

We’re talking about the blogger behind the blog, the Seattle Fashionista. She is a very opinionated person, and she’s been known to be incredibly opinionated. We all have our little moments. In this case, the moment was in response to a friend of ours, another blogger who was in the same boat as her, who was having a bad day. She was taking up space in her own blog and she had a lot of ideas, but she had a bad day.

To her, it just seemed like an opportunity to be a pain in the ass. She got on the internet and started writing about what she thought she was supposed to be, and in the process, she ended up writing a lot of shitty blog posts about fashion. So we took a look at our list of top 10 fashion blogs and put her in the “Fashionista” slot.

Okay, so what makes a fashion blog a fashion blog? Well, pretty much everything, really. There is a certain style, a certain aesthetic, a certain style of writing, and a certain style of visuals. It’s all about the message. A better example might be a book review blog. Those are all different types of blogs, but they all have the same goal–to review a book that you like. That’s the message.

Well, when we look at all the fashion blogs, we only see a portion of the total. There are blogs that only cover the latest trends in fashion, blogs that only publish personal style posts, blogs that are purely opinionated, blogs that are all about fashion as art, blogs that are purely fashion-related, and blogs that are purely fashion-related. Not all fashion blogs are like these.


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