Selecting the Right Track Pants


Most people have sedentary jobs or work, so unless they exercise regularly, they are likely to gain weight. Being overweight leads to multiple health problems, so most people wish to exercise. Since many people in Singapore are living in small homes, they do not have sufficient space at home for exercising. Hence they will usually go to a gym or exercise outdoors and do not want to keep their legs uncovered, since insects like mosquitoes may bite their legs. Conventional pants are usually very tight, and are not suitable for exercising. So people are told that they should wear track pants while exercising. Those who have not used these pants earlier will ask what are track pants ?


Like the name indicates, track pants were originally designed for track and field athletics, where the athletes are running at high speeds or long distances or both. Since they consume more energy the athletes will sweat more, so they require pants which will wick the moisture produced from the legs, so that the legs will remain comfortable. The athletes are also likely to do bending, stretching and other exercises, so they require pants which are made from stretchable material, so that it does not tear when more force is applied to the track pant.


The track pants are available in different materials like polyester and cotton or blends. Most of the blends use cotton, since it will wick the moisture/sweat from the legs, so that leg skin remains dry. If the sweat remains on the leg, the bacteria will flourish leading to rashes and itching. Since sweat from the rest of the body will also fall on the track pants, the outer layer of the track pant material should also be waterproof, so that the sweat and other water will slip off. The textile material used should also be soft, so that it is comfortable to use.


The design of the track pants is one of the major considerations while choosing them in addition to the material. The track pants are usually available in different sizes to match the users of different sizes and heights. Usually the track pants will have an elastic waistband so that it will fit properly even if the user will lose or gain weight. To prevent it from slipping off a draw string is usually provided. Typically the track pants will have a pair of pockets on either side, so that the user can easily store any item which they wish to carry with them while exercising like the home or car keys.

Since the material and design of the track pants is different from most of the conventional pants worn by men, it is important to follow the instructions for use of the pants so that they will last for a longer time. The track pants should be washed only with cold water, hot water should not be used. Bleach should also not be used since it can damage the material. Additionally most manufacturers specify that the track pants should not be dry cleaned, ironed and softeners should not be used.


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