Singapore Rooftop Bar To Die For


No to closed spaces at this time. The more open the better. With the best food and drinks, ambiance and a to die view of the Singapore skyline.

We’re talking about the best Singapore rooftop bar. Sitting proudly on the topmost floor of a famous Singapore structure. It’s an outdoor oasis with a sweeping view of the city.

The mission of this chic bar is simple – pursue passion, pleasure and play in a romantic and inspiring setting because This Is The Life we are all looking for. Having fantastic drinks, enjoying the best food, amidst laughter and among elements that whet our five senses.


Great food and drinks always should be a trademark of an excellent Bar. East meets West, it should be cuisine which is inspired by Singapore’s Asian roots but with Western influences and crafted by the ingenious chefs in the kitchen.

The drinks should be international favorites, with concoctions from its own resident mixologists. Drinks which de-stresses the patrons away from their daily anxieties. Seize the late afternoon and the glittering lights of the city down below and the drinking crowd will keep coming back regularly.

It’s a rooftop bar, but it doesn’t forget it’s Asian legacy. All over the place are artistic influences of the region as rendered in the aesthetics of the ornaments. It is a luxury lifestyle with dining and entertainment fused with the ambiance of an Asian mecca.

When you’re in the mood for celebrating, gather up to a maximum of 8 friends (in keeping with social distancing protocols), and enjoy their company at this mystery rooftop bar, away from all the pressures of down below. Let everyone take in the breathtaking view and enjoy the distinctive food and drinks that the rooftop bar has to offer.


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