Some Of The Effects Of Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding Your Teeth
Grinding Your Teeth

There are many bad habits that you can have, and one that you will want to avoid is grinding your teeth. There can be significant repercussions when you grind your teeth which can influence your oral and overall health. If this is a habit you are familiar with, you will want to avoid grinding your teeth before you cause irreparable damage to them. To show you what could happen if you do not stop grinding your teeth, below are some of the effects of grinding your teeth and how they can affect your health.

A Pain In Your Face

A common symptom of teeth grinding is facial pain, and you can find that the constant clenching of the muscles can cause this issue. Most people who grind their teeth and clench their jaw muscles are not even aware they are doing it, and the constant use of the facial muscles can cause pain. It is often caused by stress and anxiety and reducing these in your life can help alleviate the problem.


Another common symptom for people who grind their teeth is headaches. If you develop headaches from grinding your teeth, you will want to ensure you drink plenty of water, try to relax, take some painkillers, and stop grinding your teeth!


Many people who grind their teeth will also suffer from earaches, which can be frustrating and painful. Earache can have many symptoms, and you do not immediately associate it with oral hygiene, but it can be caused by damaging your teeth through grinding. 

Sensitive Teeth

When you grind your teeth, you are wearing away the top enamel surface of the teeth. As you wear away the enamel, you often find that the teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold and can also be painful. If your teeth grinding has got to this point, you will want to look for a highly recommended dentist in Sydney CBD or in the city you’re living in who will be able to help you with the problem. Leaving the problem unaddressed can lead to more significant issues in the future, including tooth loss, so it is something you will want to see your dentist about as soon as you can.

Broken Teeth & Fillings

You can also find that grinding your teeth can break your teeth, literally, and it can also damage any fillings you may have. The grinding motion of the teeth makes them weaker, and it can get to the point where you dislodge a filling, so it comes out. If this happens to you, you will need to get an appointment with your dentist immediately before you do further damage to your teeth and gums.

Disrupted Sleep

You can also find that grinding your teeth can disrupt your sleep and your partners if left unaddressed. It can prevent you from getting as much quality sleep as you need, so you wake up feeling tired and lethargic. It can also keep your partner awake and make them tired, which can cause arguments. 

Grinding your teeth is highly unhealthy for your oral hygiene and can significantly affect your life. 


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