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When you want to learn more about your favorite online game, online rummy has got some facts too. With online gaming technology, the traditional rummy game is also available online and has become quite popular. Moreover, the game has a rich history with Indian culture as the game has always been a part of family functions and helps people bond over the game.

Knowing some facts about the rummy game will expose some strange things about the game. So let’s have a look at some of the facts of the game.

Rummy invention

Nobody knows in which century and at what location this game originated. Some believe that the game originated in the 19th century in Spain from a card game called Conquian. While some believe  Rummy originated from French Poker. Moreover, some believe that the game is derived from the game Mahjong a Chinese tile game. 

History of Rummy culture

According to history, rummy has some poker connection. John Scarne, a famous card magician, studied card games’ origin for a long time and understood that the rummy game is derived from a former poker variant, Whiskey poker, that evolved to Rum poker and later was named Rummy. Rummy was played as a family game in the early 1960s till the ’70s.

60 different variations

No one except history buffs is interested in knowing historical facts about rummy. The rummy game was so popular in the world that it went to split into 60 different variations.

To name a few: 

Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Rummy 500, Three thirteen, Block rummy, Round the corner rummy, Bing Rummy, Shanghai Rum, Knock Rummy, Speed Rummy, Contract Rummy, Tong-its, and 13 cards Rummy are some of the popular rummy variations played over a long period.

Mind Reading

Playing rummy for a considerable amount of time will probably turn you into a mind reader. Those who play rummy regularly tend to adapt the ability to read their opponent’s minds. As the game demands you to be a keen observant and keep track of your opponent’s moves and predict their possible moves and combinations. Practicing this regularly will make you a mind reader for the long run.

Gin Rummy as popular as Poker

Here’s one of the most exciting rummy facts of all time. In the United States, Gin Rummy was the most popular rummy variants. It gave birth to various commercial versions of the game. The game was featured in many television shows and movies in the 1960s and 70s, just like poker. Goldfinger(1964), the Apartment (1960), The Gin Game(1976) are some of the blockbuster films that featured this exciting rummy variant.


Rummy is not gambling in any way. It is legal in many countries. Rummy is a skill game and requires highly skilled players too and has been declared legal by India’s Supreme Court. This also applies to the cash games. Winning money by playing online rummy games is completely real. The government also imposes income tax on massive winnings in a single game.

Some additional facts

  • In earlier days, only a rich person could buy a deck of cards. With the increasing popularity of Rummy, the deck of cards is affordable for everyone.
  • ‘Rum’ is an everyday slang in the UK that means odd or peculiar. When the card game was originated, it was referred to as rum showing that the game was unusual or strange.


Rummy has many more unsaid facts. We hope that the above article has disclosed many unknown facts about rummy and helped you understand the game’s history better. Let us know which fact surprised you the most, and also feel free to share any fact we missed.


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