Struggling to stay sober? Learn Whether Inpatient or Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment is Proper for You

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Admitting to having an alcohol addiction problem is very difficult. This is because many addicts view substance abuse as a safe way of escaping their problems or finding solutions. However, you will find that substance abuse causes many negative effects in people’s lives. If you cannot stop yourself from substance abuse despite having negative outcomes, you might have an addiction.

If you question whether you need any help getting sober, it is most likely that you do. The following article will help you learn more information and decide which one you should choose between outpatient and inpatient alcohol addiction treatment.

Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment is also referred to as residential rehab because you must live at the treatment facility. Living in this controlled environment full-time helps you avoid temptations and influences that may revert you to alcohol abuse before you are fully recovered. The treatment is intensive, with 24-hour support for both your medical and emotional needs.

Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment requires preparation. You will need to sort out a few things in your life, such as informing your employer and family members and making sure your family members have a place to stay when you are away (especially if you are the breadwinner).

In addition, you need to plan the entry date, how to get there, finances, and the items you will require while living in the treatment facility.

Life in the treatment facility

Each day, the inpatient treatment facility is scheduled carefully with psychiatrists, counsellors, and psychologists meeting individual patients and patients in groups to help guide them to recovery. The 24- hour medical attention makes a big difference in that it enables you to avoid a relapse and recover quickly.

A medically assisted detox sets off the treatment. Alcohol cravings are difficult to overcome, but being in an alcohol addiction treatment facility ensures you have the necessary medicine to help lessen the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Outpatient alcohol addiction treatment

Unlike inpatient alcohol addiction treatment, the outpatient treatment ensures you do not have to set your school, work, or home obligations aside while you recover. This treatment allows you to receive all the support and guidance you need on a special schedule organized to fit your lifestyle.

Outpatient alcohol addiction treatment offers more flexibility than inpatient treatment, and there is less disruption in your life. However, detoxifying can be very difficult, especially if you have a severe addiction. There is a more significant chance of relapse when you choose outpatient alcohol addiction treatment because you are still in an environment where you can quickly get hold of alcohol.

Outpatient treatment requires you to spend more than 10 hours in the treatment facility every week. The sessions are also intense and involve individual and group counselling, and education on drug abuse and how to cope without alcohol.

This treatment is most favorable to people with mild addiction or those who have left an inpatient treatment facility and need follow-up treatment as they resume their everyday lives.

In conclusion, both categories of alcohol addiction treatment are very effective. The biggest difference is the setting and, therefore, you have to decide which suits your personal life and the severity of your addiction best.


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