summer 2016 fashion trends mens


This post is all about the new Summer 2016 fashion trends mens. If you are looking for a new way to update your look in the summer, this is the post for you. I love the idea of bold colors, but I am also a fan of the subtle, neutral tones that can really help you pull off a new look.

The hottest trend right now is the sporty, edgy, and trendy look. This is what I’m talking about. They are the new staples of the Summer.

The next trend that will be making it’s way into men’s fashion is the “power” trend. I’m not sure if the word is new, but you can see it in the latest images of Kanye West’s Adidas ad campaign (which you can find here). It’s similar to the “power” style of the 90s, but with some new emphasis on the power shorts, sunglasses, and tank.

Another fashion trend that made its way into manhood was the knee length shorts. This trend is especially popular among the younger set, and is a great way to show your legs that you are ready to take on the world.


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