The Benefits Of Animal Exclusion Service For Your Home

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We have all grown up knowing that prevention is better than cure. If given the choice of simply preventing a problem from occurring, it’s always going to be a better option than waiting for a problem to happen. However, sometimes we don’t know what we need to prevent. It often takes a problem to occur before we realize that there was a threat in the first place. Animals are always looking for a comfortable home, and you never know when they will make their way into yours. This is where a home exclusion service can come to the rescue and humanely help you fix the problem.

What is an Exclusion Service?

An exclusion service is a proactive way to remove unwanted animals and prevent them from re-entering your home. And the best part is it is not a one-off solution. Once you get rid of your unwanted guests, you can seal your home against the problem re-occurring. A service technician from an exclusion service will do a preliminary inspection of your home to determine the point of entry. Then they will safely and humanely remove the animals from your home. Once the animals are removed, they will perform proofing to ensure that the animals cannot return. You can usually tell when removal is successful as the noises tend to stop once the animals cannot get inside. If necessary, most professional services will return after 1 – 2 weeks to reinspect your home and ensure that the proofing is a success. 

You may see so many DIY methods available online to remove wasp nest but trust me, the removal of a wasp nest can be dangerous. It is the job that is best left to the expert and you should hire a technician that will remove all the pest, wasp and seal all the possible entries so that you never face a similar situation again.

Why is Home Exclusion the Best Option?

Unwanted wildlife entering your home can be a huge headache. Your home is your castle, and you do not want to be sharing it with pests that can carry disease. In the past, traditional pest control services used chemicals and traps to catch unwanted guests. Often this just got rid of the problem temporarily and did not stop the problem from re-occurring in the future. Home exclusion can permanently protect your home. Since there are no chemicals used, a professional exclusion service will extract the pests humanely. Then they will ensure that the entry points are blocked so more critters cannot take their place. Once you see how well this proofing works, you can take steps to permanently seal your home. By blocking all the entry points, you can make sure that you do not have to deal with the problem again.

Common Points of Entry for Animals

The most common points of entry in a home are usually rooflines. Rodents are extremely adept at finding small openings in your roof. Gaps where slates overhang a roof, soffits, and eaves, are all common places where a small creature can find an entry point. And once inside a warm attic, they have a perfect nest. Pipes and utility openings are often gateways into a bathroom or cellar. And vent openings and cracks are easy entry for a determined visitor. This is especially the case in winter when a warm home is an inviting escape from the cold.

How to Perform Home Exclusion

Once an animal has entered your home and nested, removal is the only option. By then it is too late to simply prevent them from moving in and out – they are already inside. The first step to protect your home involves cutting off the access points. A technician will seal all the points of entry that the animals can use. Any potential opening that they can use will be blocked. Once this step is complete, they will address the animals that are nesting inside.

Choosing the Best Exclusion Service

Thankfully, many reputable companies offer exclusion services. After a preliminary inspection, they will return with the required materials to service your home. We recommend choosing an animal exclusion company that offers a 100% guarantee that the job will be done right. This means that they will return to your home if you have any issues in the future. While you cannot prevent every problem from happening, you can make sure to deal with the problem correctly. Animals are cute when you see them in the right environment. But they are not always so cute when they decide to make your home theirs.


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