The Best and Worst Furniture to Take When Moving


Moving is such an adventurous endeavor: you finally move into a new place. Whether you downsize or if you move into a larger place, it’s always connected to quite some excitement. However, the move itself usually turns out utterly stressful. You can save yourself some of the undesired stress and opt for furniture removal. Schedule a collection with Jiffy Junk to ease the process.

Before Choosing the Best and Worst Furniture

Before you hunker down our advice about the best and worst furniture to take, consider the new layout.

Measure your new home to the tiniest inch to know where exactly you can put your furniture. It may not matter as much if your new home is larger than your current one. It’ll provide you with more space where you can place almost everything. However, each room layout is different and certain setups may simply not work. Regardless of the room size. One wall might be shorter so you can’t put up bookshelves like in your current home. If you’re downsizing you certainly need to let go of some items as they won’t fit in. Think about getting more functional furniture in this case. Furniture removal will be unavoidable.

By measuring the rooms of your new home, you get an idea of their width and length. Remember, there should be a gap of at least 24 inches between freestanding furniture and those items you place on a wall. It provides you with enough space to walk through this gap, i.e. like the distance between kitchen counters and a kitchen aisle. 

For dining tables, you have to consider extra space for chairs, for which you’d also have to calculate 24 inches of extra space. Putting up a dining table set should look as follows: 48 inches of distance from a wall or cabinet to the table, then the width of your table, and then again 48 inches from the other side of the table to a wall or cabinet. 

Ignoring these simple rules will result in too little space. If you had guests, no one could get up without jumping over the lap of the person sitting next to them. 

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The Best Furniture to Take When Moving

As a general rule, all furniture you’ve spent quite a lot on is among the best to take with you. The same also goes for items which you only got within the last few years. Those are usually still in great shape.

Your dining set

Dining sets are rather expensive and often are of sentimental value. It could be from your grandma’s home and you remember fondly how you draw pictures at it. As long your current dining set fits into your new home, you should definitely not leave it behind. If it’s too large, you may want to consider selling it for furniture removal. With the funds gathered from selling you already have a stake in a new set. 

Your couch

Your high-quality couch is definitely a keeper. Especially under current circumstances, you should refrain from letting go of your sofa. There’s currently a delivery time of up to nine months for new sofas due to the pandemic and the problems at the Suez canal in march 2021. It’s not just sofas that were on those freighters. 

There’s a supply shortage of foam materials which you need to produce new upholstery. Maybe you can get lucky by getting a used one if your current sofa is too large for your new home. Make sure first, you’d be able to get a suitable one before you think about furniture removal for your sofa. Even though sofas are hard to transport, most models you can take apart these days.

Your bedroom set

Just like dining sets or sofas (if not from the Swedish furniture store), a bedroom set is on the pricier side of furniture. It can contain several pieces, such as a dresser beside your bed frame with a headboard. Those aren’t exactly cheap. Furthermore, if you take your bedroom set, you’ll have a comfy place to spend your first night in your home. 

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The Worst Furniture to Take When Moving

Any furniture that’s worn and torn is a bad choice to take with you. Even if you attempted to take it with you, it might collapse during the move. You could also face severe problems of putting it up again in the new place. Unfortunately, furniture isn’t as durable these days. Wood chipboards with a veneer that usually doesn’t exceed a couple of years – yet alone survives two moves or more. 

Your mattress

Mattresses should at best last around 15 years, but some aren’t made of such good quality. When you notice lumps and bumps, it’s time to get a new one. Get it delivered to your new place and properly dispose of the old one. A professional furniture removal team can do that for you. Municipal waste management services rarely take old mattresses.

Furniture of your children

They grow up so fast and as such, their furniture is quickly outdated. You may want to check if their bed size is still large enough or if you shouldn’t get a larger one already. With children’s furniture, it’s almost like with children’s clothes. If it’s too large for them right now, they’ll grow into it. Their desks might be too small as well as they grow taller. 

Check your attic and basement for old children’s furniture. It’s understandable you keep it for sentimental reasons and probably for the next generation. But until it might get used again, it only collects dust. Maybe you can keep one or two pieces, but think about donating the majority of it.

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How to do an easy furniture removal

When you want to let go of some furniture, you can always offer it to friends and family, sell or also donate it. If none of your friends or family wants any items, it’s more convenient to schedule a professional furniture removal. It implies no heavy lifting for you and they also take care of donating the good bits and pieces.


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