The Best Dubai Beauty Clinics Expats Should Know About

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Preparing for the summer season, every girl dreams of looking stunning. Recent years have taught us that we need to pay special attention to self-care, as well as that we need to enjoy every moment in our lives. Beauty treatments serve to ensure that every girl can get rid of inhibitions and get the look we dream of. We are not talking exclusively about invasive surgeries. Sometimes even a simple trip to the spa can make us feel much better.

Everything in Dubai caters to your every need. Moreover, each institution and company do everything to the highest standard. For example, if we are talking about car repair, there are many top-notch car repair services in Dubai as the car is the most popular means of transportation. Experienced auto mechanics do their job well. Whether you need car body repair or car electrical repair in Dubai, you will receive invaluable assistance. In addition, it is worth noting that the cost of car repair services is reasonable.

The same goes for beauty centers. In Dubai, many different beauty clinics are offering various beauty treatments. We will tell you about the best clinics that you, as an expat, might not know about. 

Elborno Center 

In one of the districts of the city, exactly Jumeirah, this clinic is located, entering which you can start to relax right away. Every detail of the interior here has been thought out to the smallest detail, which gives customers a special pleasure. You will fall in love with the calm atmosphere, modern design, and hospitable staff that will make you feel comfortable with refreshing drinks. 

This center has a well-deserved reputation. The first such center was opened in the United States of America and has already managed to earn the love of customers. 

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the huge number of different advanced procedures, non-invasive, that are aimed at rejuvenation. You will find here procedures such as: 

  • Cellulite treatments; 
  • Derma fillers; 
  • Semi-permanent makeup; 
  • Treatments for hyperhidrosis. 

Various facial procedures are especially popular. They are aimed at stimulating collagen growth, preventing skin aging, as well as treating skin damage. 

In addition, the clinic uses a piece of modern equipment that helps to craft a toned stomach. This procedure works even better than physical training. 

Lesprit Medical Center 

In the summer, every girl wants to give her face a rest, letting it enjoy the rays of the sun and get vitamins. However, for many women, it is quite problematic not to use makeup, because they think that they look ugly without it. This center employs professionals specialized in semi-permanent solutions. In particular, solutions for eyebrows and lips are especially popular. 

The clinic was founded over 30 years ago and already has a loyal client base who regularly seek help from high-class specialists. If you decide to book an appointment, you should do so well in advance, as many clients book even weeks and months in advance. 

Coya Spa 

This place is exclusively for girls, so you have a great chance to pamper yourself and feel refreshment of mind and body. The center is located in the northern part of the city and is ready to offer its clients high-quality health and beauty treatments

The area of the center is huge and here you can satisfy all your needs regarding your beauty and personal care. Massage, skin, hair, and nail care – this is just a small part of what this place can offer you. When you come here for treatments, you will feel like you are on a little vacation as the atmosphere is soothing and relaxed. 

Everything about skin care can be found here. You may want to smooth out wrinkles, make your skin firmer, and get a massage on your face, arms, and shoulders. Regular customers note noticeable results already at the end of the procedures. After leaving here, you will be able to enjoy your fresh and radiant skin, as well as feel complete relaxation and an improved mood. 


In Dubai, you can find many beauty clinics offering a wide range of services. These three clinics have won the trust of visitors by offering the services of experienced therapists and state-of-the-art equipment. A trip to one of the clinics is already a small vacation in itself, where you can enjoy yourself thanks to highly qualified specialists.


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