The Emerald In The Rough: The Lifestyle Advantages Of Living In A Forest Community In The Heart Of Bangkok

Forest Community

Bangkok is often referred to as being a “concrete jungle”, which is understandable given just how expansive the congested the city is. That said, despite its overwhelming size and abundance of high-rise buildings, there is plenty of green to be found. The Big Mango has a large number of public parks (with many more being planned and on the way), however, that doesn’t change the fact that for some people, the noticeable lack of green can make you feel claustrophobic (for lack of a better word). 

But, don’t let that put you off! Bangkok has so much to offer and if you can make an effort to immerse yourself in nature as often as possible, life in the city can actually be rather pleasant. 

There is however, a very easy way to overcome this issue: living in a forest community in Bangkok. Such developments are becoming more and more commonplace, as the drive towards environmental sustainability picks up pace. Take The Forestias as the perfect example of this. A gorgeous green jewel in the heart of Bangkok! But, what makes it so special and how can it benefit you? 

1. Reduce your carbon footprint 

Making a conscious effort to live in a forest community that has been constructed with ‘green design’ in mind, will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. The abundance of plant life is great for removing pollution from the environment and providing you with cleaner air in greater quantities. 

2. Alleviates stress and improves mood

If you have been struggling with your mental health recently, moving to a greener environment might be the perfect solution. Again, life in Bangkok (while awesome in many ways), can be incredibly draining for some people. Fortunately, being surrounded by so much green and being able to escape the hustle and bustle is proven to alleviate stress and improve mood. Simply put, you’ll be much, much happier

3. Promotes exercise 

If you are living in a dull environment without any green space to explore, you’ll be more inclined to spend more time in your condo. However, when living in a forest community with open garden areas, you’ll be tempted to spend much more time outside, wandering around. This is great for getting some much needed exercise – not to mention the Vitamin-D boost. 

4. Decreased risk of illness 

As plants reduce dust levels and draw much of the impurities out of the air, it has been proven that those who live in areas that are surrounded by a plethora of plant life are much less likely to get sick! In fact, living amongst plants and flowers can lower your blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety levels, and enhance your pain tolerance as well.  

5. Increased focus and attention span 

Good news if you work from home: living in a forest community and being immersed in plenty of green can significantly increase your focus and ability to concentrate. It can also help spur on your creativity as well. 


Most important of all, living in these new and innovative forest communities is all about setting a good example for the future generations. Global warming is a real and dire threat and we must do everything we can to bring as much green back into our cities as is possible. 


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