The Link Between Escape Rooms and Creativity

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Escape rooms have become understandably popular over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re a great way to work together with your friends, coworkers, or family towards a common goal, and let’s face it: they’re pretty cool too. It’s not all about fun and games though—escape rooms and their puzzles are also closely linked to developing your creativity. Use the skills you gain in your International Drive escape room experience from Lockbusters to solve everyday issues and become an even more creative thinker.

The Link Between Escape Rooms and Creativity

How do escape rooms actually help you think more creatively though? All the elements that go into an escape room can continue to be important even after your hour time limit is up.

Time Limit

Having a time limit often makes a lot of us somewhat antsy, but dealing with a time crunch can encourage more creative thinking. With a limited amount of time, you’ll be more likely to test solutions, make various decisions, and even work more with a group. Even those of you who usually prefer to work alone may find that you’re more willing to work with your group when there’s a time limit involved.

And there’s a greater chance that the group will accept more creative ideas with a time limit too. If you’ve had a hard time speaking up, now is the time to do so.

Puzzle Skills

The whole point of an escape room is to use your problem-solving capabilities to figure out how to get out of the room within a time limit. Just by solving these puzzles, you’ll be improving your creative thinking.

You’ll also be improving your teamwork. The puzzles are specifically designed to be nonlinear, meaning that your group can work on different puzzles at the same time, and can each figure out ways to help the group achieve your goal. All of you will be capable of using your individual skills while communicating with others and learning to work together.


This is a common benefit of escape rooms: that they encourage you to work with your team. This is because these rooms put you under the ideal conditions to work better with the people around you.

You can improve your creativity by working with more people though. Find ways to interact with your team in ways you haven’t before by considering their strengths, weaknesses, and how they think. It’s possible to take these team skills outside of the escape room and to the workplace environment as you figure out how to better support others while you work, and to figure out solutions that you won’t normally think of while you bounce ideas off of each other.

Take the Challenge

Many people tend to respond better to a challenge. It’s likely that your creativity will spike in response to a challenge too. By solving puzzles and completing goals, you’ll be able to more effectively come up with solutions that maybe you hadn’t thought of before.

That’s what an escape room is all about: encouraging you to try new things. For example, you might try to unlock a door, and will try even ideas that you wouldn’t normally try like grabbing a bobby pin or looking in an odd place for a key.

All of this challenge stimulates your mind, providing you with the ability to think more widely about various issues. Ultimately, your creativity will be boosted in daily life as a result.


You might find yourself struggling to remember things in your daily life, which an escape room can legitimately help with. Not only will you find that you can think more creatively, but you’ll find that an escape room will help your brain functioning to improve in general—and this includes memory.

Your brain will be able to think further about the step-by-step processes that you need to do in your daily life, improving your ability to recall things in the short term.

New Environments

Doing the same thing day by day can make it difficult for you to actually think creatively—because there’s no room for you to think creatively when you don’t need to.

An escape room is made with all sorts of environments though, including visual effects, sounds, and puzzles that you haven’t seen before. All of this will encourage your creativity because you’ll need to think differently to engage with a new environment in a way that you haven’t needed to before. Push your mental abilities to engage in your environment in a new way.


You don’t need to be super fit to engage in an escape room, nor do you need to be in the best shape. But your creativity can be boosted by engaging in the physical aspect of the escape room. as your heart slows down while you concentrate, you’ll find that you’re in a prime condition to think more about problems that you weren’t able to consider clearly before.

It helps that the environment of the escape room is made to be exhilarating—they’re made to really shock you with the puzzles and the environment as you work. Focusing under these conditions will boost your brain power overall.


Escape rooms are a great way to learn to work with others and to just have an all-around good time. They’re also a good way to encourage your creativity too though. As you work under a time limit, with a team, and in an environment that you wouldn’t normally find yourself in, you’ll notice that you’re able to think in new ways that wouldn’t have occurred to you otherwise. 


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