The Most Popular Non-Vegetarian Food Items That People Enjoy

Non-Vegetarian Food

For many people worldwide, a good meal means a delicious non-vegetarian dish. Today, the market is filled with innumerable varieties of such food items. Most of these are available in various flavours, so they suit the tastes of almost every individual. Some of these foods are always on the wish list of every non-vegetarian food lover. Moreover, many non-veg snack items are equally healthy and delicious. For example, you can purchase a pack of biltong, a dried meat snack that’s free from dairy, preservatives, and gluten. It is sweet but also savoury, and you can store it in your pantry or fridge for a long time. Keep reading to know some of the most popular non-vegetarian food items that people worldwide enjoy.

Lobster Roll

A lobster roll has chunks of sweet cooked lobster meat which napped in a slender mayonnaise coating. It is stuffed in a white bread hotdog bun and served lightly toasted in butter. Lobster roll has become the staple of almost every seafood restaurant in different countries. You can find it in traditional and Maine-style variations. 

The traditional is the one described above. The Maine-style lobster roll consists of cold lobster chunks on a toasted bun. It is served with a spread of mayonnaise. Lobster has a sweet and delicate flavour. So, strong seasoning can overpower its taste. For a truly delicious lobster roll, you only need to enhance its flavour with a little bit of mayonnaise or a dash of lemon.

Dried Meat Snack

The popularity of dried meat snacks is on the rise as it competes with popcorn and potato chips as an indulgent and flavourful item. It is also called biltong, which you can purchase online in various varieties like chilly, sea salt, and classic. It is made with organic grass-fed beef, sea salt, and gluten-free white vinegar. The snack has a whopping 47 grams of protein per 200-gram pack. Thus, it is apt for both fitness enthusiasts and non-veg food lovers. Dried meat snack is not smoked or cooked, unlike other food. The meat is cured, air-dried, and then cut into strips.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu is a kind of Japanese broth. It’s made from simmered pork bone. This delicacy is special because chefs put a lot of time into making it. Its made by boiling the bones for up to 8 to 12 hours! After that, special seasonings get added. With such an extended time, the pork marrow releases its flavours in the boiling water and creates a thick and creamy Tonkotsu broth. This ramen style is especially popular around Kyushu Island in Japan. Its also believed to have originated there.

Meat Pies

Meat pie refers to a pastry with a meat filling and some other savoury ingredients. The dish is prevalent in Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand. It is typically fried or baked at a high temperature till its colour changes to brown or golden. This process significantly enhances the flavour of the pie. You can find it either as a meal or a snack. Meat pies can also acquire a flaky and tender structure depending on the preparation method. Stout and steak pie, and chicken and leek pies are always in demand among people everywhere.

This list is by no means exhaustive. But the food items listed above need a mention due to their immense popularity worldwide. Any person wanting to explore the world of non-vegetarian foods should definitely try these items before anything else.


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