The Most Popular Places To Move


It’s never been more important to love the city you call home.

Even before COVID-19, habits like frequent movement and nomadic living were on the rise. According to 2020 Census data, about 30 million people shifted to a new city.

There are several factors that influence which locations are the most popular. Typically it’s the job market, cost of living, crime rates, education systems, and weather — things that most affect your quality of living.

If you’re a restless traveller or just want to relocate but aren’t sure what each city has to offer, these are the top places to move to this year.

What Factors Affect City Ratings?

What helps make a city desirable and livable? Most lists you’ll find online consider the following factors when giving place ratings:

  • Cost of living: With utility bills and overall living costs skyrocketing, it’s no wonder people are looking to move to cheaper cities. This is especially true for bigger families that simply can’t keep up with real estate prices.
  • Quality of life: A very important, yet sometimes underestimated ingredient to life! That’s why a lot of online lists take it into consideration. Things like weather, education opportunities, cultural significance, and nature’s gems are sometimes crucial to making a decision about moving to a certain city.
  • Number of people moving there: How many people move to a certain place can be quite a clear indicator to whether or not it’s worth it. Of course, reasons for moving vary from person to person, so some cities are popular because they’re cheap, and others because they offer very good schooling.
  • Job market: Relocating for more job opportunities is probably one of the most popular reasons. Certain areas are known for specific industries, and it’s common for people who need work to choose a place where there’s high demand for employees in their profession.
  • Real estate opportunities: Some places have skyrocketing housing prices. A lot of people, especially families that are about to buy a home, choose a city where real estate prices are lower. 
  • Safety: If you have kids, chances are you wouldn’t want to raise them in the neighbourhood where crime is blooming. Of course, safe neighborhoods don’t eliminate risk, but it’s crucial to minimize it as much as possible. 

Best Places To Move

If you’re rethinking moving to another city, here are some of the greatest places to live in 2021.

Dallas, TX

In a nutshell, moving to Dallas is a perfect mix of urban city and outdoor living. It tops the charts for the last few years for being one of the best places to move to. It has an expanding tech hub, and a great overall job market.

Raleigh, NC

Being a safe city with a very stable and strong job market, it makes a great place for young families.

Raleigh is rapidly rising in the cultural rankings as a location to eat and drink. It has many things to do (like visiting the world’s largest beer garden) and a warm climate that allows locals to spend time outside. Thanks to all of the colleges in the area, this place still keeps the youthful spirit.

Colorado Springs, CO

Are you an outdoorsy person? Is living in an area with clean air important to you? Add affordability and a low overall cost of living, and you get Colorado Springs!

Tampa, FL

While many people point out that Florida’s lack of state income tax as a major reason for moving there, many young job seekers are rushing to Tampa for what this city does have: affordable living expenses. 

With great, warm weather all year round, Tampa is perfect for sunshine lovers who don’t want to spend top dollar on their living expenses. 

Nashville, TN

Nashville’s music industry, together with many job possibilities in healthcare, schooling, and insurance, make it an attractive area for living, playing, and … listening.

Culture lovers will be thrilled with the city’s many museums and historic homes.

Atlanta, GA

Delta Air Lines, The Coca-Cola Company, and The Home Depot are just a few of the reasons Atlanta is a great place to live. In addition to acting as the corporate home for those three well-known corporations, Atlanta is gaining a reputation as a leading location for new and rising start-ups.

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix stands out with lots of job prospects in healthcare and finance, as well as, of course, plenty of sunlight. It provides affordable living and many great outdoor activities.

Boise, ID

Boise has all the appeal of a college town, a thriving tech culture, as well as low unemployment rates. The cost of living in Idaho is 8% cheaper than the national average.

And if you’re an outdoorsy person, there is an abundance of places for hiking and exploring nature.

Picking a Place To Live

If you’re planning to move, it’s important to gather all the facts and do proper research before choosing a certain city. That way, you can make the right decision.

Have you already picked a place for your next adventure?


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