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A postpartum belly belt is an apparatus worn around the waist to help support the mother’s body after childbirth. Pregnancy is a magnificent phenomenon. However, it is also a painful process that the mother has to go through alone. Many men make it easier on their significant other in emotional terms. They cook, clean, and take the baby out when the mother is ready to let go of the baby. Australian gynaecologists suggest the usage of these devices for mothers post-pregnancy. While these actions may psychologically uplift the mother’s mood, they might not help the physical pain that the mother has to go through after delivering a child. 

Aftereffects of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a process that stretches out the abdominal muscles of the woman. There are various side effects to pregnancy. Many women also get intolerable back pain post-childbirth. This disease is referred to as postpartum back pain by medical professionals. Research shows that around 50 per cent of women face some form of back pain at a certain point after childbirth. It is very understandable, as women go through carrying a baby in their wombs for nine months. Ligaments might also get comfortable during the pregnancy period. After delivering the child, the mother might face excessive pain as the joints might get unstable. 

Benefits of using a belly belt

There are actually many benefits to using a postpartum belly wrap after delivery. As mentioned earlier, pregnancy is a sensitive time for the mother. She goes through a plethora of changes in her body. Starting with physical changes, she also has to go through the psychological and emotional factors that play a vital role. Women tend to have massive mood swings during their periods of pregnancy. There is no concrete evidence of the relief provided by one of these belts. However, many users have testified that they find comfort in using them post-pregnancy. 

i) Comfort – As mentioned, women find it extremely comfortable to wear these belts after carrying a baby in their womb for nine months. These belts are excellent relievers of pain and help the mother get back to actively participating in daily activities in no time.

ii) Alignment – In addition to relieving pain, these belts also assist in aligning the abdominal region of the mother. Depending on the type of delivery, a mother can have varying aftereffects. Cesarean surgery can have a drastic effect on the mother’s body compared to vaginal delivery. This factor can also result in other physical side effects that the mother has to endure. By using the postpartum belly belt, mothers reduce the consequences faced post-delivery. 

iii) Fitness – Some mothers believe that using these apparatuses affects their physical appearance. They think that by wearing postpartum belly belts, they can reduce the baby weight much quicker. This feature massively helps in getting them back to wearing clothes that they owned during pre-pregnancy periods.

In conclusion, there is no actual evidence of a postpartum belly belt helping the mother alleviate the pain or reduce weight. However, the testimonials by various mothers suggest that they do provide a feeling of comfort. In such cases, it becomes vital to understand what kind of belt to purchase. One must always look for a belt that is adjustable and soft. They should also ensure that these belts do not restrict their breathing. Regardless of how comfortable these belts are, doctors suggest not to wear the device all day to facilitate a speedy recovery. 


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