The Three Reasons Why Rolex Watch so Popular

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Almost everyone right now already knows about Rolex. You might see it advertised on TV, Billboards, or Social Media. That’s quite normal for a big, luxurious, and famous Swiss watch company. If you haven’t heard yet, Rolex is a Swiss luxury manufacturer of watches, which started in Geneva, Switzerland, in the year 1905.

Just a little fact about Rolex, this famous watch brand from Switzerland was first named “Wilsdorf and Davis” by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in 1905. Not after 1908, they changed the name into Rolex, which they’re using now. Can you imagine how long Rolex has been operating? It’s just amazing to see how far they’ve come.

If based on the rankings, the Rolex watch brand is always on the top 10 luxury watch brand ranking in the world. This just means that Rolex is not your ordinary luxury watch. Rolex is so famous not because of its name alone, but because of its vast amount of luxury watch collection, which will also be discussed here.

Product Quality

One of the most reasons why a particular brand is popular is its service and product quality. Right, for example, Toyota is a famous Japanese car brand, and for many years now, it’s one of the best selling car brands around the world. Why is that? That’s because they provide the most reliable vehicles, and they also offer the best after-sale services, which everyone would like.

That’s the same with Rolex; Rolex has so many years of experience in making and designing one of the best luxury watches that a watch enthusiast could ever dream of. You’ll never tell how great Rolex watches are until you own one. But seeing it from reviews online, you can already say that Rolex did a great job in manufacturing luxury timepieces.

Rolex has so many watch collections that you can ever imagine. As of today, Rolex has 15 prestigious and stunning-looking luxury timepieces, namely: Milgauss, New Submariner, Mew Datejust, New Oyster Perpetual, New Sky-Dweller, GMT-Master II, Day-Date, Cosmograph Daytona, Yacht-Master, Lady-Datejust, Sea-Dweller, Explorer, Cellini, Pearmaster, and Air-King.

As you can see, Rolex can provide any type of luxury timepiece that you want with its vast number of watch collections. Reliability and durability are some of the priorities of Rolex. With the GMT-Master II, this offers a highly-durable monobloc case made of Oyster steel, which Rolex solely designed. This 40mm luxury watch can withstand water pressure of 100 meters.

Unmatched Fame

Fame is also one of the main reasons why a particular brand shines so much. Fame doesn’t come right away; it needs to be worked out. Watch brands such as Omega, Patek Philippe, and of course, Rolex is the names that you’ll find right away if you talk about luxury watches. So, why is it Rolex has so much fame on its name? That will be discussed here.

There are two types of groups of people who buy Rolex watches or Rolex’s customers. Those who know a lot about Rolex’s history and its luxury watches, and those who know just a little bit but have more than enough money to buy themselves a watch from Rolex without worrying about the price.

Those people who have little knowledge about Rolex yet still buy one are the ones who just love the fame and the popularity of Rolex. They don’t mind how great the craftsmanship and technology inside each Rolex watch. They just want to let people know that they own and wear a particular Rolex luxury timepiece, which not everyone can afford.

Rolex’s Style And Design

If you’re familiar with the watch industry, you know that Rolex is one of the best watch brands out there that offer unique and stunning watch designs. One example of that is Paul Newman’s Rolex watch. The “Paul Newman” Rolex Daytona watch holds the record of the most expensive Rolex price ever made for an amount of $17.8 million.

The reason why Paul Newman’s Rolex watch was sold for that price isn’t only about its popularity, but because of its rarity and design. It was said that that watch is the only one on the planet, which means you can’t find another copy of that particular watch anywhere else. The style and design of that said watch also add to its overall price.

Where Are Rolex Watches Made?

Here’s a little good news for Rolex fans out there, Rolex only has one manufacturing plant for all of its watches, located at Acacias Geneve in Switzerland. It’s the home to their research, sales, after-sales service, communication activities, design, development, and management. Other brands are sending their items to other countries to be manufactured.

Rolex also has a separate site for their bracelets and cases, located in Switzerland, and that’s in Plan-Les-Ouates. All the development and manufacturing activities for Rolex’s cases and bracelets are all happening on this site.


Despite not being on the top of the food chain in the luxury watch rankings, Rolex still manages to prove to everyone that they’re not just a piece of watch that you’ll just take for granted. Rolex has spent many years mastering the art of watchmaking, and everyone who owns a Rolex luxury watch can testify to their ingenuity and expertise.


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