The Ultimate Derby Shoes Guide for Women

women’s Derby shoes

In womenswear, classic pieces of clothing or accessories are considered “must-haves” because a wardrobe would not be complete without them. An item of clothing or accessory is a classic piece when it never goes out of style and is versatile. Among all the footwear available in the market for women today, Derby shoes are the perfect example of must-have classic pieces.

However, despite the advantages and benefits of Derby shoes, there are still women who hesitate in buying them because of a lack of awareness. If you are in the market and searching for the next footwear to add to your collection, here is the ultimate women’s Derby shoes guide.

What Exactly is a Derby Shoe?

According to an article by Undandy, most women would find it difficult to differentiate a Derby shoe from an Oxford shoe. If you find it difficult too, you need to remember the main distinction between them.

A Derby shoe has an open lace system that is sewn on top of the vamp, and comes with a three-part panelled construction, while an Oxford shoe has a closed lace system that is sewn underneath. Also, a Derby shoe is considered the more comfortable option because it has a larger instep for women with larger or wider sized feet, making it great for everyday wear.

What are the Categories of Derby Shoes for Women?

Derby shoes are some of the most sought-after footwear today because of their versatility, and there is a category that will fit your style and personality. Some examples of women’s Derby shoes include the following:

Classic Derby Shoes

This Derby shoe is plain and simple, which is made from durable leather. It is easily maintained and provides a slimmer and minimal design.

Derby Brogues Shoes

These Derby shoes are perfect for casual wear or informal wear. Its most notable characteristic is that it has punched holes.

Sneaker-inspired Derby Shoes

As trainers and sneakers become more and more popular over the years, designers have also begun to explore incorporating sneaker design into Derby shoes.

Chunky Derby Shoes

These Derby shoes have thick soles, and their characteristics have exaggerated proportions. This is for women who would want to have a unique look for their outfits.

How to Wear Derby Shoes?

Derby shoes are a must-have because of their versatility, which can enhance or complement any outfit. This is why Derby shoes have become one of the most popular footwear for women in recent years. Here are the different ways to wear them:

Formal Wear

Derby shoes can be used in formal settings, so you can wear them if you are going to a job interview, business conference, and client meetings. For women, Derby shoes would look great if paired with the standard blazer and business pants.

Smart-casual Wear

Derby shoes are not only for the formal setting. This is because you can dress down your outfit and use Derby shoes for a smart-casual look. You can use classic designs or brogues while at work, going out on a date, or having informal meetings. You can try wearing Derby shoes with a dress or a typical blouse and African print skirt combination.

Casual Wear

Derby shoes with modern designs, such as sneaker-inspired Derbies are the perfect footwear for the laid-back vibe and casual look. You can use Derby shoes when going out on a date with friends, running errands, or going shopping. Derby shoes can complement a casual outfit, such as a combination of jeans and a regular shirt.


If you have been looking for the perfect footwear that can match your outfit, whether for formal or informal settings, then Derby shoes should be on top of your list. Check out a reputable Derby shoe seller today, and experience the benefits and advantages!


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