Three Good signs of Genuine Online Kundli Software

Online Kundli

Kundli or birth chart or horoscope is an astrological chart that predicts the future events in an individual’s life based on the positions of the planets and other celestial bodies at the time of their birth. A kundli also helps to provide detailed insight into the temperaments and characteristics and how the planets influence the individual’s life right from the time of birth. 

According to Vedic astrology horoscopes or kundli provides an understanding of an individual’s past, present and future life. The Vedic astrology horoscope or Kundli is prepared through complex and meticulous mathematical calculations by astrologers. Only a learned and well-experienced astrologer can prepare the charts and execute complex calculations accurately which helps in making the predictions more accurate. These horoscopes further help to predict the personality traits of an individual, the important life events of an individual such as education, wealth, career and business prospects, marriage, etc. The kundli or Janam kundli as its also known is considered to be an important document by astrologers as it helps them to understand and elucidate the important events during the lifetime of an individual. The kundli holds a significant role especially during marriages as astrologers match the horoscopes of both the prospective bride and groom for compatibility between the partners.

The era of online kundli

Until recent times, it was a norm to have a family astrologer who would be consulted for all predictions and other astrological guidance. With the advent of the digital age, it is now possible to do away with this age-old tradition and access our free kundli from the comforts of our home any time from across the globe. However, we must access genuine online kundli software to ensure we get accurate predictions from such online kundli. Astrology takes a different approach from that of science to explain the various human, meta-human and infra-human realms of the universe and it becomes easier to deceive the naïve common man with few astrology terms by unscrupulous people. As the common man become victims of such ghastly experiences, they vent their anger at astrology in general without realising that they were duped under the disguise of astrology. It is therefore imperative to understand the difference between genuine and fake Vedic astrology websites that provide online kundli services. Here are the three key signs to look out for genuine online kundli.

  • Accuracy and precision of predictions
  • Perceptive and multiple interpretations and efficacy in matching
  • Catering to the local community

Let us examine the above factors in detail.

Accuracy and precision of predictions

The success of Vedic astrology is in making accurate and precise predictions. The horoscope reports generated by the online software should ensure not to assume a rigid and serious tone and neither can it be too generalized. The report should be able to touch the lives of the person in such a way that they feel– This is exactly what is happening with me or this is exactly what I am. Genuine astrology websites will endeavour to provide precise reports without being too overbearing and instilling fear in the minds of the people. It would rather provide rational methods and approaches to ensure that the individual is guided to make the right decisions without being fearful while ensuring the accuracy in predictions. Hence checking the precision of the reports is of paramount importance to ensure the efficacy of the online Kundli.

Perceptive and multiple interpretations and efficacy in matching

Vedic astrology covers all aspects of one’s life while using a different methodology in doing so. A genuine kundli should be personified and make insightful observations. According to Vedic astrology, each individual is unique and hence the horoscope of each person differs from others. The service provider who has a true knowledge of Vedic astrology will be able to provide perceptive reports to the individuals. Genuine kundli software must be able to distinguish the minute variations of each horoscope and provide a reading that is personal and insightful which will inspire the people to understand more about themselves.

Likewise, genuine kundli software will offer multiple modes of horoscope to the customer and point out the differences in approaches. They engage multiple observations of the same cosmic alignments which would better suit the requirement at hand. This is a feature that is unique to Vedic astrology. Genuine online kundli will attempt to enlighten the individual to the different methodologies without demeaning any other approaches to astrology.

Vedic astrology is synonymous with marriages and is valued for ages in finding suitable brides and grooms for prospective boys and girls. Matching two horoscopes is a complicated affair and requires expertise and various levels of astrology. A compatibility report should reflect and prove to the customer why an alliance is suitable or unsuitable. Genuine online kundli service provides will help find the best partner for their customers. Checking the matching efficacy of the websites is another way of ensuring that the online kundli software is genuine.

Catering to the local community

India is a country of varied cultures and traditions. We often find differences in style and interpretation of the kundli while catering to the local community. An authentic online kundli service provider will recognise this sheer diversity of their customer base. They ensure that their products are available in as many languages and as many styles as possible. They ensure to provide online kundli reports that are suited to the local culture and in the local language. The localization of the content and services is important as Vedic astrology itself is interpreted with slight variations in different cultures. It is therefore important the the online kundli service providers recognise the culture to get precise astrology reports and serving in the local language goes a long way in ensuring that genuine Vedic astrology services.

The above signs will ensure the genuineness of the online kundli software. Various online astrology service providers in India are adhering to the above practices to ensure that they provide genuine and accurate online kundli reports for their customers.


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