Tips for Renovating Your Basement to Boost Home Value

naomi hebert MP0bgaS d1c unsplash
naomi hebert MP0bgaS d1c unsplash

As you will have undoubtedly heard, renovating your basement can add some considerable value to your home. However, this is only if you go about the remodeling the right way. Below, you can learn how to transform this space so that you can maximize your ROI when you sell your home. 

Focus on Key Elements 

First and foremost, focus on making this space habitable. This area of the house is notorious for moisture and water damage. Therefore, your first order of business will involve getting rid of any moisture and making sure that you don’t encounter this problem in the future. 

Fortunately for you, a good Markham basement company will be able to handle this issue for you. It is just as important to ensure that the ground is also protected from moisture, leaks, and flooding. You will also have to select a type of flooring that works well with a below ground space, such as tiles. 

Once you have handled the important elements, you can focus on you beautifying the space or renovating it for a specific function. 

Know What Buyers Want 

Now, you may have a specific plan for your basement, depending on you and your family’s needs. Before you go ahead and make these changes, though, it is a good idea to first check in with the buyer’s market. Take note of what people are actually looking for in homes these days. 

It could be storage space, additional bedrooms, etc. You may want to consider the features of the homes in your neighborhood to determine if your house is missing something that needs to be added in. By adding a feature that will be functional to others, you will automatically make your home a hot commodity. 

When in Doubt, Minimalism 

It isn’t unusual to get conflicting reports about what potential home owners are looking for. If you can seem to find a satisfying answer, then it is best to leave the area as versatile space that can be turned into anything that future homeowners want. What’s even better is that it is easy for professional team to finish basement in such a style. 

Make sure that you tackle the moisture issues, put in proper flooring, and add insulation. Also tuck away wiring or other unsightly elements away into a tidy space for greater aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, leave an open floor plan so that future owners can envision and turn this area into anything that they please. 

Match the Rest of Your Home

It is important to think of your basement as an extension of your home. Due to this, it should be designed and decorated like the rest of your home as well. From wall and pillar styles to paint colors, go for a similar result. This creates a sense of cohesion and can also help to make your home feel more spacious than it actually is. 

These are all tips and ideas that you should keep in mind when renovating your basement. You can then make this project truly worth your while both in the short and long run. 


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