Tips on How to Make an Essay Appear Longer and Better

Essay Appear

When you have researched and penned down a school essay for what seems like ages, and you still have not hit the word count, you start to get a little frustrated and desperate. You can try getting creative by playing with Ms. Word fonts and adding fluffy descriptions ending up over-diluting the actual essay. Meeting the minimum requirements does not have to be an agonizing process. You can add volume, depth, and clarity while elongating an article.

In this article, I will share some of the best ways to get your essays to adequate length.

  1. Ensure you have included everything needed

I know this sounds obvious, and you are eager for other hacks (which I have plenty of), but it is prudent to go back to the prompt and check to see if you included everything needed. If you forgot a whole section, this could be the reason you are running two pages short.

  1. Include more transitional phases in your paper.

Essay graders look for transitional phrases such as “therefore,” “on the other hand,” “even though,” and others. These phases ensure the sentences flow seamlessly into each other. Adding these transitional phases will make your writing easier to read and get you closer to the process’s minimum page requirement.

  1. Revise your introduction and conclusion

The first thing you wrote in your essay was probably your introduction, but you might have missed some crucial information in writing. The introduction helps the reader understand your argument. On the other hand, the conclusion is a summary of the main points with solutions for consideration. If your introduction lacks any of this crucial information in either the opening or closing, it would be nice to go through the paper and revise it.

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  1. Proofreading your essay

Even if the deadline is fast approaching, you can have someone proofread your essay and note down any points that they find confusing. You can also use expert services with custom essay writing to proofread your article by professional academic writers. After proofreading, you can revise the unclear parts and provide more clarity. Of course, you have more understanding than your reader concerning that particular subject, and their opinion helps you see any critical points you might not have considered.

  1. Using quotations

You have probably used quotes in your essay. They are an excellent way to enhance your argument while driving up the word’s paper count. However, do not add citations just for the sake of it but rather go through your source materials to see if there are any valuable quotations you might have missed. You can also do some more research for new sources that may prove beneficial to your argument.

  1. Use examples

You cannot trick your lecturer by changing the fonts and margin sizes to make your text appear longer. The best way is to increase your text volume. Relevant examples in your essay not only reinforce your argument but also puff up the text volume. You can use several examples to illustrate one idea, ensure you do not overuse them, and give credit to quotes you use.

  1. Be a bit wordier

This sounds like a dangerous suggestion. However, you can be creative in your wordiness and get more descriptive. You can use words such as “As a matter of fact” instead of “in fact” and other formal expressions. You can spell out numbers and get rid of contractions in your sentences. Do not use a lot of pronouns. You can describe someone by their profession instead of by a pronoun. This inadvertently adds words to your paper.

  1. Revise your paragraph structure

Keep in mind that a good paragraph starts with a topic sentence that condenses the paragraph’s main idea. By reading the topic sentence, the reader can point out what the section is about. The topic sentence has to be supported by evidence and arguments. The last sentence, on the other hand, eases the transition to the next paragraph. Therefore, you should check each section and spot any missing links to create these sentences to make your paper longer.

  1. Reverse outlining

Reverse outlining, just as it sounds, is reading back through your paper and creating an outline based on the article’s content. This aids you in reorganizing your paper to make sense to the people reading your essay. It also points out the missing links and areas you need to develop more. If you see paragraphs that introduce more than one idea, break them up and thoroughly explain your ideas.

  1. Text size

I would only recommend this technique if your professor accepts printed papers and doesn’t use computer counters. If that’s the case, you can increase your spacings, fonts, and margins to lengthen your essay. However, do not be too greedy but increase the font slightly. You can also use fonts such as Arial and Cambria, which are somewhat more significant. If limited to Times New Roman, you can use Bookman Old Style, just like Times New Roman but slightly more prominent. You can also increase your character spacing without it being noticeable.

  1. Defining terms

Write a paragraph defining your critical terms in the essay. If it is an essay on pacifism, write a definition index of the related terms. This not only makes your writing better but also longer.

After going through these steps, you should be able to get up to the required word count. However, if you go through these steps and are still unable to get there, you can try custom essay writing services where they have professional essay writers who can fix up your paper in just minutes.

These professional services guarantee accuracy and strict adherence to deadlines even if your professor is pesky with the word count.

No matter the method you use to lengthen your essay, make sure it is stronger. Not just longer. Avoid vain repetitions and underhanded gimmicks but focus on the word count volume to avoid any looming trouble.


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