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No matter how much of a homebody you are, sometimes you need that time outside with a bit of greenery to lift your spirits. And the best way to create that space for you in your home? Plan and execute that perfect garden. Regardless of how much space you possess to allocate to your dream garden, there is always a way to achieve the result you want with these ideas and tips to create or elevate your home garden. With everything from garden edging to upcycling old furniture to make custom planters, we’ve got you covered! 

Garden edging

A great way to help your lawn and flower beds look clean and organized, garden edging helps prevent turf grass from growing into other surrounding areas while letting you create defined definitions between different parts of your garden. What’s more, the edging also stops soil from splattering onto areas outside a particular flower bed, for instance, while watering it. Introducing edging in your garden can be fun – it’s a great way to introduce pathways made of brick or stone to your garden, for example, letting you make an experience out of walking around your garden. 

Give your plants the spotlight they deserve!

Adding lighting to focus on certain parts of your garden when the day darkens is a sure way to help your garden set the mood for you even after the sun goes down. You could choose to install outdoor lighting flanking pathways you have in your garden – perfect for an evening stroll! Or, if your garden is set up in a smaller area like a patio or balcony, fairy lights or hanging good old-fashioned light bulbs can go a long way in turning up the magic! 

Upcycled planters

Balcony gardens are becoming a growing trend in Australia, and you don’t have to be left out! In small spaces without a lawn, using upcycled planters is a great way to give your garden some personality while making room for your favourite shrubs and climbers. The possibilities are endless! You could pick up some old wooden shelving, splash on a coat of pastel paint (or whatever shade suits your mood), and display your beautiful plants on it. Here are some creative ways to upcycle the material you have lying around at home to make some great-looking planters if you’re curious.

Turn up the cosy levels!

Working with elements of nature around you can help boost productivity and creativity while reducing your stress levels. So what’s stopping you from creating a little seating area in your garden? Just place some of your favourite pieces of furniture on your lawn, patio, or balcony, throw in some cushions for extra comfort, and you have your very own outdoor workspace, which can be great for a coffee with friends, too! Or you could even leave a wood or stone bench on your lawn, great for curling up on with a good read when the weather is just right. 

Add a pond, because why not?

Ponds, lakes, rivers, pools, waterfalls, water fountains – we all love to see some water around us. It, in a way, seems to make us feel a little bit closer to nature. So why not bring that into your garden? You could simply dig a hole, line the bottom with pond liner, and fill it with water. Placing some pebbles around your pond is also a nice touch. Filling deep ceramic pots with water and aquatic plants makes for a gorgeous balcony pond. 


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