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Having too many choices, especially in the market of modern TV stands, can be frustrating sometimes. To provide a better and clear view of what to choose, here are the top three modern TV stands that are perfect for any type of contemporary house design.

South Shore Floating Wall Mounted Media Console

Almost every house you go into, you’ll see modern touch and style, and that’s normal nowadays. Although it doesn’t mean that vintage and classic interior designs aren’t good, it’s just that right now; people tend to pick modern and sleek furniture and interior design rather than traditional and vintage style. With that, the South Shore Floating Console fits well.

There are many choices of TV stands. You can just visit your local department store or warehouse, and you’ll see tons of TV stands. TV stands also come in different styles, designs, prices, and luxury. The South Shore Floating Wall Mounted Media Console leans towards modern style, which you can see from its design and style.

What makes this modern-looking TV stand excellent compared to the other TV stands out there are its practicality and simplicity. The rectangular shape of the South Shore Floating Wall Mounted Media Console sends out a very luxurious feel. The choice of available colors is just impressive such as Black Oak, Chocolate/Zebrano, and Pure White.

The South Shore Floating Wall Mounted Media Console is made of premium picked wood, which only weighs 67 pounds. It has an overall dimension of 17.75 x 57 x 11.5 inches (LxWxH). Another neat feature about this wall-mounted cheap TV stand is that you can quickly assemble and install it since South Shore provides all the necessary instructions for you to follow.

WE Furniture Farmhouse Wood TV Stand

Modern TV stands also have their perks, such as it provides so much room or space compared to the traditional TV stands that you can buy five years ago. Manufacturers such as WE manage to create and design modern TV stands that prioritize practicality, style, and reliability. Modern furniture right now are more durable and reliable compared to before.

The practicality of the WE Furniture Farmhouse TV Stand is just superb; it features four massive shelves that you can use to store some books, magazines, TV consoles, toys, and more. This modern-looking TV stand isn’t just your typical Tv stand furniture; it also provides functional spaces for you to use. The topmost area also offers plenty of room for your other things.

The WE Furniture Farmhouse Wood TV Stand features premium wooden texture, smooth surface, luxury colorway, and minimalist design when it comes to aesthetics. Colors such as Espresso, Black, and Charcoal also provide an overall luxurious feel. Flexibility is one of its key features since it can handle TV sizes starting from 58 inches up to 65 inches.

This modern-looking wooden TV stand has a total dimension of 23.3×15.7×58 inches (HxDxL), which is not too big and at the same time not too small. Its sleek and pointy shape also makes it easy to move around and find a perfect spot to place into. Durability should also be your main priority when choosing a TV stand, and this TV stand can sustain 65 pounds of weight.

Sekey Home Entertainment TV Stand

With its beautiful construction and nifty storage space, the Sekey Home Entertainment Center and TV stand are perfect for any type of modern living room and bedroom interior style. It features sleek corners, making it very luxurious looking, not to mention its two enclosed drawers, perfect for storing gadgets, toys, and other important stuff.

Aside from its stunning and sleek design, the Sekey Home Entertainment TV Stand doesn’t compromise its durability. This cool and modern-looking TV stand from Sekey Home features a very durable metal frame for better rigidity and high-grade MDF, which offers a longer lifespan than traditional wood.

When it comes to color availability, Sekey Home limits its available color to two, namely Smoky Oak and Light Oak. These two colors are more than enough for you to have since you’re buying a modern TV stand not because of its color but because of its design, style, practicality, and reliability.

The Sekey Home Entertainment TV Stands to offer a total size of 58x18x24 inches (WxDxH). It also has an awesome weight capacity of up to 70 pounds, which is more than enough for large-sized TVs.

Where To Buy Modern TV Stands?

There are many options where you can buy affordable or expensive modern TV stands. Nowadays, buying things such as modern TV stands is very easy since you can buy them online. An example of that online store is Amazon; Amazon sells almost everything, including expensive and cheap modern TV Stands.


Nowadays, finding modern TV stands is more comfortable than before since there are online stores that sell them. However, there’s a bit of a problem there since you can’t buy the product; you might end up purchasing an unreliable item. To make your life easier, this article already gave you an idea of the best choices in the market.


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