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A person’s birthday provides the perfect opportunity to show how much you care. While festivities and birthday surprises are expected, a well-played prank can often prove more memorable. Whether you choose to make multiple practical jokes or just one is up to you. But, remember, regardless of what prank you play, they should be harmless where everyone can laugh along. 

Birthday prank calls, if executed flawlessly, will always be hilarious for everyone involved. However, doing it right is no small feat! A smartly written script usually helps, but a good understanding of improv is essential during a prank call. 

If you constantly stutter or mumble over the phone, a prank calling app is precisely what you need. We’ve compiled our best apps, ideal for assisting in prank call delivery. So you can effortlessly fool relatives of friends on their birthday.

Prank Call Apps that Send Prerecorded Calls

Exclusive for prank calls, these app types practically do the work for you. After contacting your friend, the app will automatically play a prerecorded call. Each prerecording offers a unique joke scenario intended to rile up the best reactions. During conversations, users can tune in live, listening as the call takes place. 

Prank Calling Apps generally offer dozens of smartly-written prank scripts recorded by professional voice actors. If you don’t have the time or patience to create your own material, prank apps provide an efficient solution. 

Follow these steps to send a prerecorded call:

Step 1:

Each app will have a collection of prank scripts available. Browse through their list and select your preferred one. Users can also listen beforehand. 

Step 2:

Choose your script, and call the birthday boy/girl. 

Step 3:

After they pick up, listen in as the prerecording proceeds. Prerecordings typically respond at the correct times, ensuring dialogue appears natural to recipients.

Below are our top picks for the best apps, based on their prank ideas for birthdays: 

Our Top Pick: OwnagePranks

The OwnagePranks brand is synonymous with prank calling, featuring the most famous prank dial channel on youtube. However, their app has firmly made its way into the spotlight, separating itself from its youtube counterpart. 

Prerecordings offered are vast while not compromising on quality – as all ideas are top-notch. In addition to excellent voice acting, users have access to various accents to reenact the prank call. Try these ideas applicable for birthday prank calls:

Piñata Delivery

Juan Martinez calls about a pinata that was supposedly ordered for their birthday. He will then insist on the pinata’s collection, complaining it took all week to make. Juan stubbornly doesn’t take no for an answer, stating he will go to your address for payment. 

Package Delivery Thief

Although not under the app’s birthday category, this prank call is perfect for all expected deliveries. Russel contacts you to say he received your package. After inspecting it’s contents, he’ll proceed to change his mind and state it belongs to him! If you want your stuff, you’ll have to pay.

Broken Package Delivery

Your friend will receive a call from Billy, who works for the local postal service. Billy will state your package is ready for collection, but there’s one problem. Your package got broken or shattered, accidently being dropped while playing around on a work shift. To add insult to injury, Billy will then ask you not to tell his manager as he badly needs the job. 

Top Pick 2: PrankDial

One of the more popular prank calling apps online, users can enjoy various prerecorded calls applicable to birthdays. PrankDial has seen significant improvements to its UI in recent years, enhancing user experience. For your friend’s special day, you’ll be able to play three prank calls as users receive three free credits daily. 

Anti 420 Patrol

If your state has legalized marijuana and your friend is notorious for getting high, try the Anti 420 Patrol prank. Recipients will receive a call from the counsel for ‘Drug Abuse Prevention’. The prerecording will explain that smoking marijuana is illegal and your friend is on their watch-list. 

Birthday Cash

Have a friend called Brian who has a birthday coming up? Acting as Brian’s grandmother, she intends to send $1000 to the caller in cash. She then states to be in the post office right now and asks for Brian’s address.


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