Top Shed Types and Materials To Choose From


Sheds – whether industrial or residential, serve many purposes. The simplest one is covering large regions in the house or industry. The needs thereby derive from the type of shed you go on to buy!

Moreover, these days you can buy sheds online to save yourself from the effort and energy spent running to offline stores. Read on as the article takes you through all the popular shed types. Keeping your requirements in mind, you will indeed find a fit for yourself.

Types of Sheds

Single/Double/Triple garages

These are the most commonly used sheds. Single garages are usually used to save your car from heat, rain, or snow. 

These single garages are built by taking the size of the car or truck in the beginning. You can also accommodate your storage needs or even use it as a living space. The width of these garages begins from 3m and varies according to heights and lengths. 

If you have more than one car, it is obvious to go for a double garage. The width here would start from 6 m and go upwards. On the other hand, if single or double garages don’t match your storage needs or you have over 2 cars, you should go for triple garages.

American barns

American barn sheds generally mean that the advantages you get will be that of three regular sheds in one and will be way more stylish. The significant difference will be that these sheds usually support large farm buildings that store straw, grain, hay, or house livestock.

Sometimes, you can also use these to store railway vehicles and road automobiles. The width of these barns usually begins from 9.5 m. You can also find options that are bigger than usual.

Open Bay sheds

Open bay sheds are just like their name – open and accessible without any doors. These sheds are generally inside the house or industrial premises, you can walk in, and the goods are visible.

Whether you park tractors, have farming equipment, or keep hay inside, it will all be in front of your eyes. You can buy open bay sheds online as well.

Materials used to build sheds

Three primary materials have been used to build sheds over the years. Either one of the following options is put to use:


Polyethylene is a durable plastic and consists of a UV-resistant blend. This is why the sheds built with this material are very durable and retain their colour over time. Polyethylene is a lightweight, easy to assemble, and accessible material for sheds.


Metal sheds – aluminium or steel are also used to build sheds. The best part about metal sheds is that they will not degrade in the sun even over a long time. Many people choose steel because of its high reliability compared to other metals.

And the surprise factor is that metal roofing and walls are relatively thin, so they will also be lightweight. 


Conventionally, sheds have been built with wood. The plus point is that these sheds can be altered to any specification or size.

Wrapping Up

These days, outdoor sheds are more of a necessity. You can use them for an array of purposes – storage or even walk-ins. If you are looking to buy sheds online, go through the types and materials of the sheds available and analyse your needs. This way, you will surely make a well-informed decision.


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