Turkish Airlines Obliges All International Flight Passengers To Submit PCR Virus Test


As the second wave of coronavirus is hitting hard, many countries are closing their borders. The place with the viruses’ hardest hit is undoubtedly Europe. That’s why Turkish Airlines has come up with the new rules that will be applied on all international Turkish Airlines flights. If you’re an international passenger traveling from Pakistan to Istanbul with a Turkish Airline then you’ll need to take care of the following.

The News

Turkey will require all international passengers arriving by air from December 28 and all travelers arriving by air, land, and sea from December 30 to submit negative PCR virus test results obtained in the last 72 hours before departure. The nation’s wellbeing pastor said on December 25. Else, they won’t be permitted to enter the nation “as a component of measures to contain the spread of the new Covid.

Turkey is following the latest scientific developments and is taking the necessary measures to maintain control of the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to threaten the world. The individuals who don’t show negative PCR test results won’t be permitted on the plane while in transit to Turkey.

 Late Sunday, Turkey temporarily banned Turkish Airline flights from:

  • The United Kingdom.
  • Denmark.
  • The Netherlands.
  • South Africa.

It occurred because of another quickly spreading strain of the Covid. Trips among Turkey and the Netherlands continued on Wednesday, while there is as yet a prohibition on departures from different nations. Then, Turkish Airlines worked bringing home trips to the UK on Friday.

TurkeyCovid-19 vaccine deal

Turkey’s health minister said his country and German company BioNTech reached an agreement early on Friday and that initially 550,000 doses of Covid-19 will be shipped to the country by 2021 the next year ends. As per FahrettinKoca, 4.5 million dosages of the immunization will be conveyed to Turkey before the finish of March 2021 under the understanding. Turkey may have access to 30 million doses under the deal, added Koca.

The minister added that the delay in the process was because the company did not want to take responsibility for any production problems. – Vaccination will take place based on written consent. Koca, on behalf of the Turkish people, thanked the Turkish-German scientist Dr. UgurSahin, BioNTech’s CEO, and co-founder, for his efforts to facilitate the process.

COVID-19 Policies

Face mask

Wearing a mask at the airport, when boarding, and during the Turkish Airlines Flights is compulsory. You can only wear a medical mask. As disposable surgical masks need to be replaced every four hours, it is recommended that you bring enough of them when traveling.

Passengers are required to wear a surgical mask at all stages of their journey (including when purchasing a ticket locally, checking in, boarding, during the flight, when disembarking, collecting luggage, and leaving the terminal). Babies zero to two years should not wear masks due to the risk of suffocation. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to wear masks.


At relevant airports, the temperature of passengers is measured before boarding the aircraft. Passengers whose temperature exceeds 38 ° are not allowed on board. The standards for boarding have been redefined. Passengers will be boarded in groups following the row of seats, starting from the back of the cabin, to maintain a physical distance. There are ticket scanners at the Airport of Istanbul, that permit travelers to examine their tickets.

As far as possible, boarding the plane takes place via the passenger bridges. For cover carries that are utilized in uncommon conditions, social removing rules and techniques apply.


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