Useful Psychological Tricks for Everyday

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As an adult person, you cannot avoid people. You have to relate with them almost everywhere you go. If you are usually introverted, you may find it hard to socialize. Introverted people are typically shy, especially when they are around people. They can be sizzling hot physically like mad mechanic but still feel hesitant. On the other hand, extroverted persons are confident and always look for new places and ways to socialize. These require little or no help at all with socialization. On the other hand, introverts can use certain psychological tricks to get more hospitable and likeable. As a shy person, you can use these tricks during dating or attending a party you cannot avoid.

.Attempt to be confident

Less confident people miss good opportunities for schooling, work, and marriage because of lacking confidence. Examiners, interviewers, and suitors look for one thing in you, and that’s confidence. Confident people look more approachable, believable, attractive, and responsible. 

.Look them in the eyes

Eye contact is necessary for social gatherings. You converse better with members of the opposite sex, especially when you maintain eye contact. It will not be easy if you are a shy person, but it will happen if you try it every day. Don’t stare at them, nevertheless, as it might frighten them.

.Mirror their body language

When having a conversation with a person, don’t just look them in the eyes. Also, match their body posture to create a connection. Don’t try too hard to copy their posture, as it might look awkward in some situations. Instead, keep a posture that makes you look interested in what you two are talking about rather than look like someone who wishes they could leave.

.Address them by their name

Have you been with someone who forgot your name almost as soon as you told them? Did you feel bad about it? Don’t do it to someone else because it will hurt them in the same manner. Instead, try to memorize somebody’s name as soon as they reveal it to you. Throughout the conversation, repeat it so it can get engraved in your mind. It can also make the person feel as if they are no longer talking to a stranger.

.Fake comfort even if you feel uneasy

Some conversations with strangers could make you feel uneasy or as if you could sneak away if you got a chance. It is usually the brain that tries to play a tough trick on you. By acting as if you are fine even if you are not, you can make the other person like you. 

.Let them continue the conversation

Sometimes you may ask someone a question and show no interest in answering it or choose to give an incomplete answer. In such a case, you should not talk anymore. Instead, allow them to reopen the conversation. Once they break the ice, do your best to contribute to the conversation. 

.Choose your wardrobe wisely, especially the colour

People can say something about your character just by looking at the colour of your suit or dress. Depending on the formal activity you are doing, choose the colours of your clothes accordingly. If attending a classy event, you might want to wear something black or grey. If attending a casual party, you can enjoy bright colours, and no one will judge you.

Usually, people don’t always look down on you immediately they see you. They may perceive you as a charming, capable, and confident person. Don’t ruin this first impression by acting shy. Use the aforementioned psychological tricks, and people will like you.


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