victoria’s secret fashion show 2008


This past weekend I attended the first ever fashion show hosted by my fellow varsity cheerleaders (yes, cheerleaders) on the varsity basketball court at the collegiate level. The cheerleading event was hosted to show off one of the varsity cheerleaders’ newest looks, which included a short video of myself. The video was then shown to the audience for some feedback, and all of the varsity cheerleaders were invited for me to answer questions.

While I didn’t win any fashion points, I did get to try on a few of the new outfits (which were also worn in the game I played on the court, which was a pretty huge win). The new looks were all quite different, though, and the video only shows a couple of of them in action.

One of the most popular fashion styles on the varsity cheer squad in the game is a cute little black dress with little pom poms on the straps. The video was filmed not long after the game, so the pom poms had all grown out, but not the dress itself. Which is why I was wearing a short black dress with a very short black skirt and pink pom poms.

I have to admit, the first game I played on the court was when I was 5. It was my very first time playing a video game, and I was definitely on the wrong side of the computer. My team was terrible, and we were all sitting at the bottom of the court in 2nd place. But I was still playing the game. I was playing with my sister, and we were playing for fun.

That was just one game, but it was my first time playing a video game, and I was definitely on the wrong side of the computer. And yes, I know I suck at video games. But like you said, they’re fun and all.

Even though she may have been a terrible player, I was still proud of her for doing something so simple and fun. I mean, a video game? I think that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For some reason, I can’t wait to sit here and watch her show the people in the room, and then I can make fun of herself for the rest of the day. It’s pretty much the ultimate way to watch someone get really jealous. If you don’t have a video game, you can check out her channel, where she plays a lot of games, as well as vlogs, she plays a lot of video games too.

Speaking of video games, victoria’s channel has a pretty decent selection of videos. They have a variety of games, from racing to action to puzzle games, to even a video game parody, one that is just a bunch of people playing a video game. And I mean that in the best possible way.

I love the variety that victoria has put into her channel. She posts videos that have a lot of different type of content, whether it be a tutorial guide, an in-depth gameplay analysis, or something that is just funny/cool. You can also get a ton of videos from her on Youtube. And it also helps that she is so good at making videos, in my opinion.

The way that she creates her videos really is impressive. Her videos are all fun, creative, and funny. She always takes a lot of effort to make sure that everything is perfect, so that she can make sure that you like it. She does this by making sure that her videos are always well put together. She also makes sure that she has a lot of fun in the making of each video. I love her videos. She makes videos that are fun, and fun that are made well.


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