Vital Reasons Why You Need Video Content Marketing

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With more than 100,000 businesses in Orange County alone, you’ve got a lot of competitors looking to make an impact on the same target market. This means aiming to turn almost 3.2 million residents into paying customers. Let’s not forget the tourist population who come into town to explore Disneyland. On top of that, you can also tap the residents from the nearby counties. With so much at stake, you need to effectively promote your brand. 

In this modern world, it is not enough to rely on posts and pictures. You need a compelling video marketing strategy that grabs attention and creates a lasting impression. Thankfully, you can use a creative media agency in Orange County to get started on the right track. Since the advent of TV, brands have utilized video commercials to spread brand awareness and increase sales. Today, you need digital video marketing if you want to generate leads and increase conversion rates. Read on to see why this strategy matters. 

1. Reigns Supreme Among All Formats

Content is king. But among all the content formats, videos reign supreme. After all, human beings process visual and auditory data 60,000 times faster than plain articles or static pictures alone. For this reason, videos receive the most engagement. Firstly, they stimulate more of your senses. 

Secondly, videos say so much in a short span of time, which is what modern people want since they have diminished attention spans. What will take 30 minutes to read can be covered in a 2-minute video. Finally, it assures better understanding because you can show every angle of your product or service. Hence, you need a creative media agency in Orange County to help you curate different videos like: 

  • FB ads
  • Explainers
  • How-tos
  • Product demos
  • Tutorials
  • FAQs
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Fun MTVs
  • Dramatic narratives
  • Slideshows

2. Assures Great Return on Investment

You may be thinking that videos are expensive to produce. However, working with the right agency can spell a big difference. A reputable team will work with your existing budget to ensure you get quality results that don’t break the bank. Besides, with their expert help, you can optimize your strategies and release video campaigns that deliver good results.

3. Offers Versatility and Variety

When you utilize videos for your marketing campaigns, you are not limited by the typical old-school commercials. In fact, you can use your video content to serve various purposes. Take a look at the following examples below:

  • Boost credibility by creating a YouTube channel to serve as a resource for clients.
  • Craft curated videos for your landing page. 
  • Share informative and entertaining videos on all your social media profiles. 
  • Utilize “temporary” video stories that disappear on FB, IG, and Snapchat, which captivate followers because they fear missing out on trendy, hot news. 
  • Do LIVE Q&As with your followers for instant feedback.
  • Conduct educational webinars that provide a lot of value to your prospects and existing customers. 
  • Send video links or GIFs with external links that lead to your main site to boost traffic.

4. Increase Leads, Conversions, and Revenues

There’s no denying it…videos have the power to increase your company’s bottom line. Just simply embedding a video on your landing page can increase the conversion rates of your website by around 80%. Most of all, videos can drive up your sales because those who watch explainer videos learn more about products and services. When your clients in Orange County understand the value of your offerings, they will buy it. Videos attract leads and effectively transform them into paying clients, which increases your sales. 


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