watercolor fashion illustration


this is a very fun watercolor fashion illustration I did for a client this summer. You are able to see the beautiful details in it, like the soft green of the leaves, the soft brown of the branches, and the warm blue in the sky. It is well worth a visit to the website at www.watercolorfashionartwork.com to see more of my work.

I was wondering, would I ever be able to use my watercolor skills to make a video game? The answer is yes, it might take some time, but I can see myself starting to use them for my own enjoyment in the future. One of the first games that I’m working on right now is a simple platformer that might be released in the future.

There are other characters that I could use as well, as the title suggests, but I would like to see the characters of this game make their own decisions in terms of the layout of the environment. In terms of the game, this is my first attempt at designing a very simple platformer. The game will have just about a dozen elements, so it would be difficult to design a very simple game for a more realistic environment.

I’ll get right on this. I’ll start off with a classic graphics card and the most basic of the 3D graphics modes that I have used so far. For the first time in a game, I’m going to start with a basic graphics card. The controls will be the same, but the cards will take you to a different location. For this game, I’ll be using the 3D cards, though the 3D cards will only be used for the first two levels.

Ill start off with a basic graphics card, but Ill go through the whole process of going from basic to 3D and back again. A basic graphics card is a $100 card, and a 3D graphics card is $800. The difference between these two types of graphics cards is that a 2D graphics card is going to be able to show two-dimensional graphics, whereas a 3D graphics card will be able to show three-dimensional graphics.

One of the cool things about using 3D cards is that you’ll be able to see all the details of your objects in the 3D world. In the original game, you had to turn your 3D cards around so that you could see all of the objects you were drawing. Now you can just flip the card over and you can see everything at a glance.

3D cards are super cool. They can give you more information about objects and give you a more accurate and detailed representation of that object. Since the game has two versions of the game, the original one, and the new one, the difference is pretty clear in both of them. For instance, in the original version of the game, the player has a 2D display and a 3D display.

The players are able to use the 3D display to make their own observations, which is what makes this game interesting. The 2D card is actually a 3D card, because it features a 2D image and a 3D image.

Now, in the new version of the game, the player’s first impression is not an observation, it’s a 3D image. The 2D card is actually a 2D card, because it features a 2D image and a 3D image.

The problem with the 2D is that it is hard to see because the 3D is so much smaller. You would have to look at it from a distance anyway. The 2D card is actually a 2D card, because it features a 2D image and a 3D image.


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