watercolor fashion illustrations


There is so much more to colors than just how they look. Why is it that all the colors you see on the outside of your eyes are stark white? Why are there so many colors drawn on your walls but no colors on your clothes? What makes certain colors more vibrant and others more muted? These questions, and many more, will be answered by a team of talented illustrators, as well as a companion website to help people find inspiration for their own art projects.

Let’s see how this blogging thing is going. How useful for my day job is a fashion illustration? Well, I’ve been reading about it and loved the quality of the designs. So after working with a few bloggers that have created the designs, I wanted to make one myself. The design will be featured in five different sizes so you can find the right fit for you. When I was commissioned by David Rennie in 2011 to create patterns and illustrations, I really wanted to make these styles that they were using in their brand. The longhaired guy sitting in a white shirt and black pants look like they really care.

Watercolor is a new medium that has been brought to today’s artist by the power of technology. In the past, this ink could be used as a substitute for paper when drawing on canvas. However, it is now considered an art medium and can be used as a printing medium. We are currently working on a site where all you need to do is click, create an image and upload it online. All you need is a computer with enough storage space, so you can use your creativity and find inspiration.


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