An Introduction to wedding cakes utah


Since 2005 our wedding cake tasting event has been hosted at the famous restaurant, The Pinnacle. This year the event is back down in Salt Lake City where we tasted the best wedding cakes in Utah.

What’s really cool about this wedding cake tasting event is that Salt Lake City is a city where anyone and everyone can taste wedding cakes. No matter the size of your family, you can get your hands on some incredible wedding cake options. We were able to try all of our favorites, from buttercream to vanilla to chocolate to tiramisu to strawberry to caramel. We tried all of the cakes from Salt Lake City.

I also really enjoy when I can go to a wedding and not be the only person in my family who has a sweet tooth. That’s why I was thrilled to be able to try some of the Salt Lake City’s unique and delicious wedding cakes.

Not only do you have all of the cake varieties, but Salt Lake City also has a large selection of the best beer. I had a great time sipping on a few of the best Utah beers.

I love beer. I really do and I think it is something I need to get into more. I thought I was going to miss out on the beer craze and my favorite beer was going to get lost in the shuffle. But I guess I was wrong. For the most part I was able to make it through the weekend with a few tasty beers and a great wedding.

This is the type of place where you can find a lot of beer varieties. Salt Lake City has plenty of breweries and I was able to find a few in the area that I enjoyed. I really enjoyed the beers that I drank during my trip to Utah. I recommend that if you are in the Salt Lake area that you get out and check out some of the local breweries.

Salt Lake City is the first stop in the area where I got to visit and sip beer. I checked out the Salt Lake Brewing Company and the Oskar Blues Brewery. The folks at the Oskar Blues have been making some pretty tasty beers for the last few years.

They have a pretty decent selection of beers on draft. I think the brewers at the Salt Lake Brewing Company are also pretty good too. They also have a great selection of cask beer too.

The Oskar Blues Brewery is one of the best breweries in Utah. They make some of the best beer I’ve had this year. The Salt Lake Brewing Company is worth a visit if you get to the area and are into beer.


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