The 10 Scariest Things About wedding planning memes


This past week’s wedding planning memes were a little unconventional. My husband and I were planning to have a wedding that was one of those “I want to do anything but pay for it myself” type weddings. What better way to do it than to pay someone else to do it? We wanted to be able to tell our friends and family how we were going to pay for everything ourselves because that would be very awkward.

This is a great idea. If your friend wants to have a wedding that you are paying for, why, you can tell them you are paying for it yourself! Why not tell your friends and family you are paying someone else to do it for you? It is kind of like a reverse marriage. You tell everyone you are paying for a wedding, but you are actually paying for it yourself.

We have a couple friends who have been married for years and they always have friends who are like, ‘Oh, I wish I had just married someone else because I could do it myself.’ We think this is a really common reaction. One of these friends took on a new man. So he and his new husband were going on a vacation together to celebrate their anniversary, which they had been planning for months. Turns out they were paying for it themselves.

Or, maybe you are paying for the wedding you wanted.

A lot of couples, especially in the wedding-planning arena, are too busy being together to do anything else. Which is fine, but it can get annoying when it comes to planning the actual wedding.

Many couples just want a wedding that is one day old. That is exactly what wedding planning memes show. It’s one day. You get married. That’s it. This wedding is exactly that. It is a day that you can be with your spouse all day and night and not have to think anything else. It also goes without saying that you are going to be wearing your wedding dress, and it will be awesome.

I don’t understand why couples want a wedding that is “one day old”. What does it matter? Who cares if it isn’t “old”? You are going to be married. You are going to wake up one day and find out that your spouse has been with you all day. Thats all that is important to you.

The reality though is that wedding planning is a very difficult task. One way that I think couples should do it is to start with a pre-wedding interview. I’ve been married for 12 years and I have to start with an interview with my mother-in-law.

The reason that I feel it is so important to do this interview with your in-laws is that you are going to be spending an entire day together, you are going to be talking about the day you are going to have. Thats not all that you are going to be doing in that one day, however. You are going to be spending another day preparing for your wedding, which includes having a wedding cake, buying flowers for your wedding, and more.

This one is just about how we are going to get married, but you are going to have a wedding cake, which is also going to be a very important wedding anniversary present. If you want to eat a cake and celebrate an anniversary together, you are going to want to get the “big one” (one that is special, delicious, and very expensive).


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