What are the Common Types of Valves?


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What are Valves?

They are devices that can be used for work to regulate, control, or direct flow within a process or system. They always have a wide range of features and characteristics that are useful to define the ideal application. Whatever you are looking to offer safety for a system such as solids, piping liquids, or gasses, and to control flow, these are available to help.

What are the Common Types of Valves?

As already said, these products have different standards, characteristics, and groupings that assist in offering you the best idea of their expected performance and intended applications. Choosing the best valve designs is the perfect way to find the product that fits a process or project. Here are the common types of valving products:

  • Ball Valving

This product is mainly filled with fast-acting 90-degree turn handles that use a ball to provide simple on-off and flow control. Operators generally use these as they are easier and faster than gate device products.

  • Butterfly Valving

It has a compact, quick-acting rotary motion that is perfect for tight and complex spaces. Everyone has to feel thankful for its wafer-type design. These are available for sale in several configurations.

  • Check Valving

This product is self-activated and is used to stop backflow, which permits the device to open automatically when the substance passes via the device in the correct direction, and the end should flow reverse.

  • Gate Valving

This is considered one of the most popular device types. It uses linear motion to begin and end the flow, which is not the correct choice for flow regulation. Alternatively, they use complete open or close positions.

  • Knife Gate Valving

These are generally used to control the flow of the substance containing solids. This device features a narrow gate accessed via linear action that can separate from materials and make a seal.

These are not suitable for high-pressure implementations but are perfect for oils, grease, paper pulp, wastewater, slurry, and other forms that might block the operation of different device types.

  • Globe Valving

These are applied in adjusting control operations. These products are available in the form of three body types: Y-pattern, T-body, and Angle body.

  • Needle Valving

Needle products are used for small diameter piping systems when you need the same and exemplary control flow. The name of this type of device is derived from the top point, which is present on a conical disc.

  • Pinch Valving

This device is generally used to manage solid materials, liquids in the form of suspended solids, and slurries. It uses linear motion and is featured to have an internal sleeve to separate the substances.

Last Few Lines

You might constantly wonder how to select the best valving product for your process or project, so this article can help you to know the different and common types of devices and their uses. Please choose the suitable one and purchase it.


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