What does the Faja do?


Did you just have done the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery or have done the Liposuction?

Are you currently looking for a perfect Faza to get back into shape?

If yes, we will help you out in getting the most perfect faja to you.

Faja is a kind of garment that is usually used for postoperative wear after the BBL or Liposuction. The garment is quite helpful in recovering from the BBL. 

Faja is usually recommended for the patients after the BBL or Liposuction to keep their swelling to a minimum. Faja is quite effective in keeping the skin tight and hence makes it easier for you to heal properly and get back into shape. 

Does Fajas work to shape your body?

Fajas are designed to help people to recover from BBL or Liposuction and also work for improving and transforming your looks and confidence. It transforms your body completely and then change can be easily noticed whenever you wear an outfit. Fajas usually works as postpartum or post surgical shapewear that provides absolute compression and support to the patient. Usage is quite easy to do. You just have to wear it as you do with normal clothes. 

It stylizes your looks and helps your body in improving its looks immediately. The garment helps you in hiding unwanted areas effectively. It increases the thermal activity which further affects the blood flow and helps you in getting rid of the toxins. Fajas works for removing excess weight from your body and improving your flabbiness and tone of the skin. 

What does a faja do to your stomach?

Fajas are a kind of garment that is usually suggested by doctors after postpartum or post-surgery. It is a shapewear option that works for strengthening up y our postures and lower back muscles. Consistent usage of faja reduces the appetite of the patient. It is highly advised for people to wear it during work as it helps you in burning the fat with a thermogenic effect on the abdomen.

How many hours a day should you wear a faja?

It is one of the most common and most important queries that majority of the people ask while opting for this body shaper. Getting excessive usage of any of the products can harm your body badly. Where the perfect usage of faja helps you in acquiring the best and most effective results always, its excessive usage in a long run can lead you to different health-related issues and that is the main reason it is highly advised to take the help of a professional before opting for this wonderful option.

The more often you wear your faja, higher are the chances that more quickly will lose weight. If you are willing to start up with faja, you can start with using it for two hours and then can take it to about 8 hours on a daily basis. You can only wear a faja maximum of about 12 hours, not more than that. Moreover, make sure not to wear faja while sleeping.


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