What does the term hot pants mean?

hot pants

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Being popularized in the 1970s the most, Hot pants are the brief and usually tight-fitting shorts that suit both women and girls. These pants usually depict the slang strong sexual desire.

What era were hot pants?

The concept of hot pants is not new in the world. The actual start of the hot pants is still unknown. Hot pants were born for sports and leisure till the 1930s. As we grow up with the time. The concept of hot pants kept on changing and it turned the look into a fashion trend in 1970.

The term short pants were used by Women’s wear daily in 1970. The main motto behind the usage of these short pants is to describe these as they can be worn in luxury if made up of luxury fabrics. The hot pants previously were being made with luxury fabrics such as velvet and satin only. But as time goes on running, these hot pants have now become popular among people of all age groups and genders. One can now easily find these hot pants in a wide range of fabric options. 

Who invented hot pants?

The main credit for designing the hot pants goes to Mariuccia Mandelli who was the Italian fashion label Krizia. The very first fashionable hot pants were designed by the fashion designers Mary Quant and Mariuccia Mandelli in the year 1970. Mariuccia died at the age of 90 and the legacy of her creation is always appreciated by fashion enthusiasts. Whenever we talk about the world of hotpants it depicts the short pants that are even extremely short. 

How did hot pants get their name?

The term hot pants are usually used to describe extremely short pants. These garments are much similar to those worn since 1930 for sports and leisure. These garments remained a part of many sports, beachwear, and leisurewear. Hotpants were a wonderful innovation that is usually made from nonactive wear fabrics such as silk, velvet, crochet, leather, and much more. The hotpants are usually worn by the women on the street, for parties or even as bridal wear as well. 

The term hot pants were coined by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) in 1970. The same was being used to describe fashion innovation being done by a French ready-to-wear company. The market for hotpants mainly targets women and men both.


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