What Makes the Horses Races Such Unmissable Events

horse race

Horse racing is a sport loved by the British people, and for many of us it is not hard to see why. It is a sport that is filled with skill, excitement and prestige. For some it is the social event that a day at the races offers, for some it’s the great betting opportunities that the sport brings, and for others it is the magnificence of the horses and the skill of the jockeys. Here we take a closer look at what makes horse races such unmissable events.

Social occasions 

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a day at the races will tell you that there is more to the occasion than just the race itself. A meet gives the opportunity for people to enjoy good food, good drink and good times. Many people attend the big events like the Derby and the Grand National as a group, and this makes for some memorable times. For some of the more prestigious race meets there is also the ‘pomp and ceremony’ of the day to enjoy, and many like to dress for the occasion. Sharing betting tips with friends and entering into some healthy competition is also part of the fun and thanks to Grand National and Cheltenham free tips (or for other big racing events) even the rookies have a good chance of going home a winner.

Accessible to all 

The great thing about horse races is that they offer a form of betting that is accessible to all. Even those who have very little experience of sports betting can take part and can leave the meet with a few extra coins in their pockets. With race guides and racing papers at hand it is easy for those with little to no experience to get in on the action. Likewise, for those who are experienced sports bettors, the races offer a chance to enjoy big wins as well as a great day out. With the literature that is available before the races, and the guides available on the day, there is always plenty of information to be taken in when putting down a bet.

Family fun 

Horse racing is really very simple, and therefore everyone in the family can enjoy it. Kids can enjoy watching their horses on the screen or at the race itself. There is always plenty going on around the meet, so no one ever gets bored when it comes to the races. 

The horses 

Of course, the main attraction at the races are the horses themselves, and it is a joy and privilege to watch such powerful and majestic animals in the flesh. Many like to go to the races in order to see a particular horse or simply to marvel at the way in which a horse has been trained. There is a joy in watching the horses being shown so that you can get a close up of them. 


There are very few sports that offer the excitement of the races. The emotion and the tension is high as your chosen filly thunders through the course, and the shouting and screaming that takes place beside the track is synonymous with a day at the races. As people clutch their betting slips with white knuckles, and the heart starts to pound wildly there is little to match the feeling of the thrill and excitement of horse racing.


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