What Qualifications Do You Need for Aesthetics?

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With technological advances in the field of cosmetology, there is an increasing demand for aesthetic surgeons all around the world. People are opting for this field to slow down the aging process and revitalize the way of life. 

Who is an Aesthetic Doctor?

A cosmetic or an aesthetic surgeon performs elective surgery to beautify or improve the physical appearance of a patient. They can treat various medical conditions like permanent scars, moles, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and other skin-related issues. However, they need to complete aesthetic courses before starting a practice or finding a job in this field. 

Basic Qualifications needed to Become an Aesthetic Surgeon

According to recent reports, the field of aesthetic medicine is expected to reach around $11.9 billion by 2022. With an upsurge in demand for cosmetic doctors, you can choose this field of medicine to make your mark in the booming market.

Here is the best approach to become a licensed aesthetic doctor.

Meet the Basic Requirements

Most of the institutes in the market that offer aesthetic courses should adhere to the local government’s medical laws and regulations. 

Cosmetology is a field of science that uses modern techniques and high-end medical equipment like laser and infrared machines. Hence, most institutes ensure that you have the basic knowledge and experience in general nursing and medicine.

You need to be a licensed doctor, a medical physician, a registered or a practicing nurse, or a qualified dentist. Only medical graduates and international medical students can enroll in this course.

You also need a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree to enroll for aesthetic courses. Some nursing schools also offer training for specific cosmetic procedures like grafting, treatment of pigmentation, and some other skin problems. 

Having a basic understanding of the treatment will be an added advantage to build a strong career.

Do a Proper Research of the Aesthetics Market

Shifting your career to any new field is a huge risk. Hence, proper analysis and research are needed to have a clear idea of your prospects and profits in the aesthetics market.

A thorough analysis involves:

  • Understanding all the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in the field
  • Analyzing the interests and needs of your prospective customers
  • Look out for upcoming market trends to know about emerging opportunities
  • Network and collaborate with experienced professionals on social media

A detailed study will help to understand your goals and sow the right seeds for success.  

Enroll in a Reputed Institute

Selecting the right institute plays a major role in shaping your career as an aesthetic surgeon.

A proper course structure will help you in:

  • Learning facial anatomy and physiology in detail
  • Identify the right Botox or dermal filler for each part of the face
  • Evaluate a patient to understand their needs
  • Safe use of techniques
  • Apply different methods of cosmetology to reduce the risk of complications and side effects

Enroll in a reputed institute that trains in Botox and dermal filling techniques. A certificate also comes with a Continuing Education (CE) credit that helps maintain your nursing license in the long run.

Try To Get Maximum Hands-on Experience

Some training institutes offer internship facilities for their students. It is advisable to enroll in these programs to get experience in this new field of work.

Working as an assistant for an expert aesthetic practitioner will help you gain relevant knowledge of the best treatment techniques. It is recommended to gain at least two years of experience to assess skin problems and practice administering fillers on patients.

Check for Advanced Certification Program

You can always opt for advanced and professional certification in aesthetic courses to enhance your skills in cosmetology. Also, constantly brush up on your clinical knowledge and update yourself with the latest evidence-based aesthetic medical procedures. 

It will help create a positive brand image in the market and attract more customers to your clinic. 

Various Job Profiles in Aesthetics

You can find a wide range of job opportunities in the field of aesthetics. 

Any healthcare facility or hospital can hire a medical aesthetician. Aestheticians can also work in salons and medical spas.

According to the workplace or job requirement, aesthetic doctors can perform various tasks like simple facial and skin exfoliation, laser hair removal, laser therapy for facial rejuvenation, and other cosmetic treatments.

Final Note

The latest trends in health and skincare treatment have increased the demand for skilled cosmetic surgeons worldwide. It is one of the high-paying profiles in the medical field. 

A certificate in aesthetics is the first step towards laying the foundation of your career in the field of cosmetic surgery.


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