Wheels and Load: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Truck

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Trucks are noted for their capacity to undertake various jobs due to their strong frames and power capacities. As a result, the truck sales in 2018 reached an all-time high of 41,628 units, according to the Truck Industry Council T-Mark data.

On the other hand, purchasing a truck is a substantial commitment and financial investment for any business. As a result, it’s crucial to think about a few key factors before handing up your hard-earned cash.

What Should You Do First?

The process of purchasing a vehicle might be overwhelming for first-time customers. A good place to start is to gain enough basic knowledge about trucks to understand how they will best meet your business needs.

Many considerations determine which truck to buy, from passenger capacity to engine capacity and driving performance.

Before speaking with a dealer, consider asking yourself the following questions, especially if you’re a business person with a budget line to protect:

  • How much does fuel cost you with your present trucks?
  • How well do they fit in with the existing work tasks?
  • How much does long-term maintenance cost you?
  • Have new parts been straightforward to find, procure, and replace if you’re undertaking in-house maintenance?

Existing truck owners who are considering purchasing a new truck should focus on increasing the benchmark performance of their present fleet or truck.

Research is Essential

Regardless of your level of truck knowledge–most truck sales dealerships would be happy to assist you. However, doing some comprehensive research as part of the purchase process will help you learn more and be better educated before going to the dealership.

Talk to people you know who own and drive trucks. Find out what goes into daily and long-term maintenance, and get a sense of performance and cost. Read through buyer reviews and do a lot of research online; this may appear to be a lot of work, but buying a truck is a big investment, and specifying the wrong product can cost your company a lot of money in the long run.

Ask Experts and Truck Consultants

However, despite the best efforts to conduct your truck research, it is not easy to know where to begin and what qualities to consider when shopping for a truck. Therefore, the next natural step would be to seek advice from the salespeople at the truck dealership.

But this raises a new set of concerns. What questions should you be asking? These are the basic list of questions to ask your dealer when purchasing a truck.

  • Is there any licensing required for this model?
  • Will it be able to carry my payload?
  • Is it going to give me the power and torque I require for my day-to-day operations?
  • What transmission type is this, and will it meet my needs?
  • What warranty, service, and after-sales options do I have?
  • Could you give me an estimate of total life costs?


When you do go into a dealership, keep in mind that, despite your best efforts, the truck you had in mind may not be the truck you wind up with.

Next, keep an open mind when approaching this process; be willing to ask the dealer pre-planned questions based on your needs. 

Finally, please put your trust in them to find the best option for you.


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