Why are name badges necessary for businesses?

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Australia is becoming the hub of many modern businesses. Many small and large companies are registering in Australia due to their business-friendly infrastructure. In all the industries, standing out from competitors is a necessary factor in progressing. Customers tend to choose from the trusted brands. For winning the heart of a first time user, companies should have elegant name tags. Quality products with fine tags will help to remember the customer. These tags can be used in numerous ways to market the company’s products and fame.

Uses of name badges

  • Marketing strategy: Even though tags may not look like a part of marketing, a well-designed label will memory customers. It will help to induce a tendency towards buying the product in the future.
  • Staff identification: The name tags help to identify the staff in a public place. It will also give improved visibility of the brand name in society. Name badge on employees uniforms will provide a secure feeling during supply and service to the customer. The name badges on uniforms is also a way of showing professionalism in Australian companies.

Types of name badges

Many companies in Australia started to use a name tag in products and uniforms. This increase leads to the creation of improved designs of name badges.

  • Name only: This name badge only carry the name of the person. It is usually used to represent the employee name on their uniforms.
  • Logo only: These tags can use for marketing purposes. The badge only carries the company logo. These tags can be used during exhibitions and conferences.
  • Logo and name: This badge is a combination of both of the above types. These can attach to products to mark the product. These tags will help customers to identify the brand from other brands.
  • Metal tags: Metal tags are designing on durable metal surfaces. A small piece of metal cut into the desired shape, and letter, logo or both engraved into it.
  • Eco-friendly bamboo tags: After Australia became a world business hub, several companies started using name badges. But the badges are not always made with degradable materials, and they began to make a considerable amount of waste. As the Australian government introduced many instructions towards going green, many companies started to look for a viable replacement for name badge material. This quest led to the use of bamboo as a surface for printing name badges. They are eco-friendly as well as more elegant.
  • Impact printed and laser printed: The customers can choose between impact printing and laser printing for their tags. The impact printer uses a mould with the customer’s design which is pressing against the tag material. The laser printer is the modern technology using high power laser light to engrave the design on the surface.
  • Reusable badges: The reusable badges come as a kit in which the tag will have multiple layers. The printed layer can be removed and replaced with a new print as per need. This type of tag usually comes with a magnetic attachment to make it easy to wear.
  • Permanent badge: Permanent badges are using on products and other company equipment for identification and marketing purposes.
  • Temporary badges: These are using in exhibitions, functions and other public gatherings. It will help to get recognised by other people.
  • Badge wallets:  This wallet will bear printing of the name or logo of the company. These are provided to customers and employees to get improved brand visibility.
  • Badge buttons: In Australia, each year, many functions and exhibitions will conduct by large companies to showcase their advancements and products. In such situations, button badges are used to identify employees and other volunteers. These can also be used for public functions with volunteers.


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