Why do people need practitioner supplements?

practitioner supplements

Myriad nutritional and health supplements are available in chemist shops, supermarkets and health food stores. All of them claim to give miraculous results. Nobody knows which one is more effective than the others. People can choose the right supplements only when they know what they need. The two main types of supplements are over-the-counter and practitioner supplements. Practitioner-only products are not available for over-the-counter sale. Qualified health practitioners supply them, but they don’t require a prescription. They are of high quality and are more concentrated than over-the-counter supplements. 

Why do people need supplements?

  • Overfarming has led to mineral depletion in the soil. As a result, food grown in these soils is depleted of minerals.
  • Vitamin B and C deplete very quickly. Food grown in faraway places and stored in supermarkets for an extended period loses vitamins and minerals.
  • Chemicals in the cleaning products, personal care products and pollution put a strain on the body.
  • Stress hormones from high-stress lifestyles create toxicity.
  • Supplements compensate for the loss caused by the above-stated conditions. In addition, they keep people healthy and help them lead an active life.

What are practitioner-only supplements?

Practitioner-only supplements have therapeutic levels of nutrients, vitamins or medicinal herbs, and their high quality maximises their impact and effectiveness. In addition, these supplements have a special blend of ingredients not found in over-the-counter products.

Why choose practitioner-only supplements?

The active ingredients in practitioner-only supplements are absorbed more by the body. It is known as the product’s bioavailability and depends on the formulation, manufacturing methods, excipients, release and dosage. Supplements with higher bioavailability give more wellness and health benefits.

Practitioner-only supplements use the best ingredients and often have multiple active ingredients. The ingredients help each other to work better. These supplements give good results, but people must consult a health professional before using the product.

Common forms of supplements

Tablets: Tablets contain active ingredients. They don’t have a coating, and sometimes they leave an aftertaste in the mouth.

Capsules: Capsules have ingredients enclosed in an outer shell. They are coated with a casing to prevent aftertaste or enclosed in a two-part capsule.

Chews: Some people prefer to chew the supplements. Most chews are available in the form of gummies. They are tasty, easy to chew and come in different flavours.

Powders: Supplements in the form of powders are mixed with liquids and beverages. They are easy to swallow and preferred by many people.

Liquids: Liquid supplements are easy to consume but have a shorter shelf life. They are a convenient alternative to other forms of supplements.

Healthcare practitioners recommend nutritional supplements for several reasons. Some common reasons for consuming supplements are for  

  • General health and wellness
  • Digestive Health
  • Healthy skin and hair 
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Better sleep
  • Stress management
  • Weight loss
  • Bone health

Practitioner-only supplements undergo rigorous testing, quality assurance and clinical trials to ensure that the ingredients are safe and effective. As a result, the supplements contain only the highest quality and therapeutically effective products. They are expensive but offer guaranteed results, are safe to use and are of acceptable quality.

Practitioner supplements benefit people because healthcare professionals recommend the correct range and combination of minerals and vitamins required for a person. It is not possible when people buy over-the-counter supplements. They may not be taking the correct dose or necessary supplements. However, supplements need to be taken only after consulting healthcare practitioners. Taking the right supplements keeps a person physically and mentally active.


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