y2k fashion stores


I know people are always going to have y2k fashion stores, but I’ve always thought that a more appropriate phrase to describe them would be “the year zero store.” Not only does it seem like a funny phrase to say, but it doesn’t really capture the magnitude of what they are.

Y2K Fashion stores are like Y2K style Halloween costumes for the people who have no idea what they are. They are basically a store where you can buy a bunch of stuff that you had no idea you needed. It seems like a good idea, but you dont see them enough. They are more common than I would like.

So a bunch of people have no clue what Y2K is. And because they are common, they get to pass the time until the clock strikes 2-0. The first thing they do is go into the store to buy a bunch of things that they know they will need (the ones they dont really buy themselves) and then they go home.

y2k? What is that? Well, it’s when the computers start taking on the names of the year 2000. It’s like the year before the year 2000. And you know what they do? They start buying stuff that they dont really need and then they go home.

Now what’s cool is that they don’t actually buy any of the clothes for the year 2000, all they want is the clothes that they did buy in 1999. Y2K fashion stores, because of their very existence, are a great example of an area of the web that is ripe for an update, or at least a redesign. The thing is, we already have the designs and the styles of the year 2000 available.


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